Fortnite season 5: When is the Fortnite season 5 release date? When does season 4 end?

Fortnite season 5 release date could have been revealed by Epic Games. Today (Thursday August 27) has marked the start of Fortnite season 4, which brings with it an entire Battle Pass based around one of the biggest entertainment properties in the world – Marvel. The Fortnite season 4 Battle Pass includes tonnes of Marvel skins such as Iron Man and Wolverine while the major 14.00 update has also added new POIs such as the Avengers Helicarrier.

The Marvel skins are all unlockable via the Battle Pass, with Thor the starter skin and Iron Man the tier 100 reward.

Wolverine is fulfilling the duties that Aquaman and Deadpool did previously, being an unlockable skin that players will have to complete challenges to get.

The skins in the season 4 Battle Pass also requires players to complete specific Awakening challenges to get their full look.

So it looks like Fortnite fans will have to put in plenty of leg work to unlock these new Marvel skins.

Thankfully, it looks like Battle Royale players will have plenty of time to do this.

Typically a Fortnite season is scheduled to last 10 weeks, barring any unexpected delays.

But Fortnite season 4 looks like it will exceed this shelf life, with the Fortnite season 4 end date pencilled in for November 30.

This is a Monday, and new Fortnite seasons typically launch on a Thursday.

So it remains to be seen whether Fortnite season 5 ends up having a release date on Monday November 30 or not.

This listed end date could possibly be a date that’s subject to change, with Fortnite season 5 potentially arriving later on that week.

It remains to be seen what the next Fortnite season could be about – the last major Fortnite live event had some big ramifications for the plot of Battle Royale.

That event, which was The Device event in June, was a wild ride all set off when Midas detonated a doomsday device at The Agency HQ.

Not only did this destroy The Agency and create a huge impending wave held back by the Storm Circle, but it also appeared to send players to another world / dimension.

And this area that Battle Royale fans were transported was an office building where we encountered a familiar looking character named John Jones – who looks just like the Jonesy skin.

Epic Games never adds anything into Fortnite without good reason, with these kind of question marks addressed later on in other seasons.

So, considering season 4 is all about Marvel, Epic may leave some of these unanswered questions about the Fortnite lore and world to season 5.

The alternative, of course, is Epic Games might throw another curveball with Fortnite season 5 and we’ll see these loose plot points get picked up once again sometime in the future.

Epic always manages to surprise players when it comes to new season themes or live events, so don’t count out season 5 launching with a theme players did not see coming at all.

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