Fortnite: Rick And Morty and Superman teased for alien inspired Season 7

Signs point to Fortnite Season 7 having a heavy alien theme, as Epic Games seem to be teasing appearances from Rick And Morty and Superman.

After its wildlife-inspired Season 6, Fortnite Season 7 looks to be switching to a sci-fi theme, with Epic Games teasing the addition of aliens and flying saucers.

Players have already been sharing clips of themselves being temporarily abducted by UFOs and recent posts on the game’s Twitter account appear to be depicting aliens investigating items they’ve beamed up.

But with a new season comes new crossovers and fans may have already deduced what some of them are from teasers, with the first one being Rick And Morty.

The teasers on Twitter show several items floating as they’re being examined. The latest one of these includes a robot that looks identical to one seen in an episode of Rick And Morty, which Rick designed solely to pass butter. It’s even carrying butter in the teaser.

It’s probably safe to assume that this means Season 7 will include Rick as a skin. It could include Morty as well, but it would have to stretch him out and make him taller to fit on Fortnite’s character models, which would just be weird (although not out of place in a Rick And Morty episode).

Still, if it were to happen, it would mean Fortnite would finally provide that Star Wars/Star Trek crossover fans have wanted for years.

Fortnite is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Hey Hot Saucers, Mari here. Got something weird to show you. Alien stuff. Not safe to talk here.

Come help us figure this out:

The teaser that Fortnite posted shows this in the spectrogram (Thanks to @Asriel_Dev):


The first phrase might be a Star Trek reference (look it up)

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