Fortnite: Play Your Way Quest Guide

A new set of fun Creative quests have been released, and you best get on them if you want to get exclusive cosmetic items as well as more XP! Play Your Way quests are tasks for Fortnite's Creative mode that players can complete to have some fun and relax away from the Battle Royale competitive scene.

These quests are quite different from what we're usually used to since they don't take place in a competitive playlist — it's all about Creative. If you don't usually play this game mode, you might want to give it a try since it's got a lot to offer – tons of Fortnite players spend most of their time here.

Play Your Way Quests

All of the Play Your Way quests can be easily found in the Play Your Way Discovery Row. However, below we've listed all of the quests as well as their unique island code if you have trouble finding them.

QuestIsland Code
  • Complete achievements at Rainbow Crossroads (5, 10).
  • Throw some paint at Rainbow Crossroads (20).
  • Eliminate three opponents without dying in One Shot Gun Game.
  • Eliminate opponents in One Shot Gun Game (55).
  • Deal 10,000 damage in ten seconds in Frozst Survival.
  • Reach level 20 in Frozst Survival.
  • Complete three biomes in Escape the World Parkour.
  • Complete Escape the World Parkour.
  • Deal damage to opponents in GO GOATED! (5,000).
  • Destroy structures in GO GOATED! (50).
  • Outlive monsters in Monster Wars (3).
  • Spend Gold in Monster Wars (750).

These quests include fun activities exclusive to their island. You'll also receive 10,000XP for each individual quest you finish.

Just like most quest sets in Fortnite, you'll have the opportunity to progress through Bonus Goals, so if you complete a certain amount of quests, you'll get extra rewards for your efforts. There are 13 Play Your Way quests in total, but to earn all of the Bonus Goals rewards, you only need to complete ten of them. Here is all that you can collect with these quests:

Bonus GoalReward
Complete one Play Your Way quest.
  • Taco Takeoff loading screen
  • Back Board Briteboarder style
Complete four Play Your Way quests.
  • Cuddle Group Chief loading screen
  • Back Board Cuddlekickflip style
Complete seven Play Your Way quests.
  • Above The Clouds wrap
  • Back Board Goofy Fin style
Complete ten Play Your Way quests.
  • Kaleido Crusher harvesting tool
  • Back Board Llamasploded style

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