Fortnite Leaker Says Season 4 Will Be Marvel Themed

A leaker has claimed that the next season of Fortnite will be Marvel-themed, and the island’s resident hero will be Thor.

Fortnite‘s relationship with Marvel is one that goes back more than two years. Thanos arrived on the island in 2018 to coincide with the release of Avengers: Infinity War. The Mad Titan returned a year later, but on that occasion, a new LTM granted players various weapons from popular Avengers to help fight off Thanos. The link has continued via a Captain America skin and Season 2’s Deadpool residency.

Speaking of which, Fortnite has a similar relationship with Marvel’s comic book rival DC. Batman and Harley Quinn skins have both been added to the in-game store within the past year, with Joker and Poison Ivy ones coming this November. The Justice League’s Aquaman has also become synonymous with Season 3, replacing Deadpool as Fortnite‘s resident hero.

When it comes to superhero residencies, a new leak suggests that trend will continue. HYPEX claims to have spoken with a reliable source who has revealed it will once again be the turn of a Marvel hero to occupy the spotlight in Season 4, and that hero will be Thor. “Season 4 *MIGHT* be Marvel-themed, and Thor & his hammer are gonna be cosmetics,” HYPEX tweeted. The reveal trailer will apparently feature Thor saving a girl from attackers in an alley.

Before Fortnite players get too excited, HYPEX followed that tweet with another adding that it’s possible Epic could change its mind on this. Since HYPEX normally discovers future Fortnite plans via datamining, it’s understandable they would want to cover themselves in this instance. However, HYPEX also pointed to earlier tweets of theirs that suggest Thor is coming in Season 4.

Those tweets include hints of a Rainbow Bridge, and Marvel villain Galactus. Let’s not forget that Epic also dropped a Thor hint via a new skin. Quite a few players thought the Relaxed Fit Jonesy skin was actually supposed to be the overweight version of Thor Marvel fans were introduced to in Avengers: Endgame. That didn’t turn out to be the case, of course, but it felt like a hint, and now feels like an even bigger one when all of the above is taken into account.

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