Fortnite: How To Find And Beat Shadow Midas In Fortnitemares

As if the season weren’t spooky enough already, Fortnite has brought back an old foe in a new form for their Halloween Fortnitemares special event. After his introduction in Season 2, the mysterious character makes a return as Shadow Midas. We may not have any answers as to who exactly he is, or what he wants, but if you want to know how to defeat Shadow Midas to complete this challenge, plus pick up a sweet mythic gun, follow along with our guide.

How To Find And Beat Shadow Midas In Fortnitemares

Shadow Midas is not an easy target. He’s got a ton of HP and, aside from being a substantial threat on his own, you will likely have to contend with plenty of other players as well. That being said, the faster you can find and eliminate him, the better.

First, where to find him. Shadow Midas has set up shop at The Ruins location on the map. Drop in and be sure to land on the roof first, looting whatever you can get your hands on before searching him out. He can be in a few places here, but will always be below you if you come in from the roof, giving you a nice cover advantage. If you were able to grab a decent gun he should go down fairly easily, assuming you’re not ambushed.

Once he’s knocked, eliminate him as fast as you can before anyone else can swoop in and steal your prize, or eliminate you. For that reason it is recommended that you try and take this challenge on playing duos with a partner rather than solo. As long as one of you manages to get the elimination, the challenge will be completed for you both and you will each still get the reward.

Speaking of rewards, once you get the elimination you’ll not only unlock the Smash O’-Lantern pickaxe, but he’ll also drop the Shadow Midas’ Drum Gun. This is a gold tier gun that has one of, if not the absolute, fastest rate of fire of any gun in Fortnite. Pick it up and tear through any stragglers who showed up late looking for Shadow Midas themselves.

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