Fortnite haunted household furniture: Map locations for Fortnitemares challenge

Fortnite haunted household furniture is central to one of the Fortnitemares challenges for the 2019 Battle Royale Halloween event.

The destroy haunted household furniture challenge tasks Fortnite Battle Royale players with destroying five pieces of spooky furniture.

Completing the Fortnitemares challenge will reward Fortnite players with a hefty 30,000 XP.

It will also help towards securing the overall Fortnitemares loading screen reward.

This is unlocked after completing all six Fortnitemares challenge.

If you’re struggling to find the Fortnite haunted household furniture map locations then don’t worry, is here to help.

We have details on all the Fortnite haunted household furniture map locations you need to solve the challenge.

Map locations of Fortnite haunted household furniture were revealed in posts by YouTubers HarryNinetyFour and Bodil40.

As HarryNinetyFour explained, you will be able to find Fortnite haunted furniture in locations across the Battle Royale map.

Specifically though, HarryNinetyFour pointed towards Salty Springs as a good hotspot to finding haunted furniture.

These spooky items will simply be the floating pieces of furniture you find when entering a building.

While Bodil40 also pointed towards Frenzy Farm as a good spot for finding Fortnite haunted pieces of furniture.

If you find a floating table or cubed wicker basket then take your pickaxe to it to destroy it and bring you one step closer to completing the challenge.

In case you’re wondering, then here is the full list of the Fortnitemares challenges for the 2019 Halloween event…


• Destroy haunted household furniture

• Leap from a Hideout while an opposing player is within 20m

• Search a chest in a haunted forest, a ghost town and a spooky farm

• Deal damage to Storm King weak points

• Revive teammates while battling the Storm King

• Defeat the Storm King

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