Fortnite Fortbyte 74 found inside filing cabinet in assassin’s basement MAP LOCATION

Fortnite developer Epic Games has released another Fortbyte challenge for Season 9.

Fortbytes are a series of 100 collectible computer chips that are available as part of the season 9 Battle Pass.

Collecting Fortbytes will help players unlock new skin variants, not to mention the mystery skin tied in to the Utopia challenge.

18 Fortbytes were available when Season 9 launched, with more added on a daily basis.

Collecting Fortbytes will gradually decrypt a mysterious image.

Epic Games says collecting Fortbytes will help “unlock rewards and uncover the secrets of Season 9”.

Fortnite fans can now discover Fortbyte #74, which can be found inside a filing cabinet in an assassin’s basement on the desert coast.

Fortunately, finding this Fortbyte isn’t too tricky if you’ve been paying attention to the Fortnite map.

The assassin’s basement can be found in the John Wick house to the east of Paradise Palms – see the map above.

Once you reach the house, make your way to the basement and look for the filing cabinet next to the weights. The Fortbyte will appear after you demolish the filing cabinet.

It’s probably best to grab a weapon before you make your way down to the basement, because Fortbyte hunters could be waiting.

If you’re lucky, you might even nab the newly introduced Burst SMG rifle.

According to the full list of 9.10 patch notes, the new Burst SMG rifle fires quick four round bursts.

The Burst SMG will do 23, 24 or 25 damage depending on the rarity and has a 1.75x headshot multiplier.

It will have a magazine of 20 bullets for all varieties, not to mention a 3.4 fire rate.

It has a 24 round magazine, can be found from Floor Loot, Chests, and Vending Machines, and uses light ammo.

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