Fortnite does Among Us with spies in new limited time mode

There’s a new limited time mode in Fortnite and it’s pretty much a clone of Among Us, but with superspies instead of astronauts.

Never mind Animal Crossing or Fall Guys, the real surprise hit of 2020 has been Among Us, not least for the fact that it first came out in 2018 but only became popular when streamers started playing it during lockdown.

This week has already seen the game make its console debut on the Nintendo Switch and now Fortnite has added a new limited time mode that seems very much inspired by the game.

The Spy Within doesn’t involve astronauts and imposters but like Among Us it’s similar to the party game Mafia, where you have to work out who amongst the 10 players are enemy spies.

There are only two spies out of the whole group but they’re able to kill any of the other players, while everyone else tries to complete their objectives and earn gold coins.

Nobody can talk unless you specifically call a meeting, whereon everyone can then voice their suspicions and vote out whoever they think is a spy.

This is where it becomes clear that, rather than just copying Among Us, the real purpose of the mode Is to show off the new Houseparty video chat feature in Fortnite.

Epic Games are putting a lot of effort into promoting The Spy Within, with new variations of the mode appearing every few days designed by community members including DolphinDom, KKSlider, Bunni_, Wert, Blanky, jstKamui, MackJack, Ritual, and Snownymous.

If you complete The Spy Within challenge pack you can also acquire Christmas themed cosmetics such as a glider, skateboard, and wrapping paper.

Epic hasn’t said exactly how long the mode will last for, but it sounds like it’ll be around for a while and if it proves popular it’ll no doubt find its way back into the game later.

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