Fortnite Champion Series Team Disqualified After Player Said "I Wish I Could Kill Them"

A Fortnite Champion Series team has been disqualified in the semi-finals after one of its players insulted rival players and said, “I wish I could kill them”.

As reported by Dexerto, the trio of paper, neeqo and kwah were competing in the semi-finals of the Fortnite Champion Series, where they failed to qualify for the Grand Finals after being contested by TFC Sharkman, fearfll, and Enquz. The trio was set to compete in the Reboot Round to get another go for the Grand Finals, but paper’s outburst managed to get them completely disqualified instead. Fair warning that some of the language ahead is pretty disgusting.

After being contested by the trio, paper took to Twitter to Tweet ableist insults at them, before jumping into Twitch chats to insult them further and even claim, “I wish I could kill them” and, “I’m going to find where they live and beat them until they can never touch their keyboard again”.

Epic saw paper’s behaviour on Twitch and Twitter and promptly banned him and his two teammates, with an email from Epic disqualifying the team shared on Twitter by neeqo. This means that the trio have lost the chance to fight in the Reboot Round, which could have allowed them to move onto the Grand Finals. It’s not known yet whether paper will face a separate ban for his part in the disqualification.

Following the events, paper apologised to his teammates for “letting his anger get the best of him”, but continued to Tweet about the incident saying “I got griefed by goofballs”.  Since being kicked out of the tournament, paper has also received an indefinite ban on Twitch, for which he said “its over for me now”.

It seems like a large part of paper’s online persona is meme-humour and sarcastic Tweets, but this is one time where his comments can’t be misconstrued as humour, and have instead cost him and his team a shot at the Fortnite Grand Finals.

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