Fortnite And OnePlus Offering Exclusive Rewards During Bhangra Boogie Cup On December 6

OnePlus is collaborating with Fortnite to celebrate the release of the OnePlus 8T. On December 6, you can take part in the Bhangra Boogie Cup for your chance to win an exclusive emote, spray, and – if you’re lucky enough – a free OnePlus 8T.

To join in on the fun, you’ll need to be playing Fortnite on a supported Android device with Two-Factor Authentication enabled. During the event, you’ll score points for pulling off a Victory Royale, eliminating other players, and surviving as long as you can each match. The top three point earners for each region will win a new OnePlus 8T, but thousands of players will be rewarded with the exclusive Bhangra Boogie Emote, Lobby Track, and Spray.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the prizes up for grabs during the Bhangra Boogie event:

  • Nana Dance Spray (Earn 5 Points)
  • Bhangra Boogie Emote and Click Pow Get Down Lobby Track (Top 25K Finishers)
  • OnePlus 8T Phone (Top 3 Earners Per Region)
  • OnePlus Buds (Top Point Earner Per Region)

If you don’t manage to place in the top portion of the bracket, fear not – the items will appear in the shop at a later date. Until then, the winners of the Bhangra Boogie Cup have exclusive access to the content.

Season 5 just started in Fortnite – bringing content from The Mandalorian and a whole lot of new places to explore. That also means you’ll have a lot of competition for the Bhangra Boogie Cup event, as players might be returning to check out the new season before falling off the game in a couple weeks. Odds are, you were going to be playing Fortnite on December 6 anyway, so why not cash in on some free prizes?

At any rate, the event is taking place on December 6 and will offer a bunch of free content for thousands of players. For more details on the Bhangra Boogie Cup, check out the official Fortnite website.

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