Fortnite 9.20 update DELAYED: New release time for Storm Flip item and patch notes

Fortnite update 9.20 has been delayed by Epic Games.

Weekly Fortnite updates are traditionally announced on Tuesday evenings and released on Wednesday mornings. 

But Epic Games is yet to make an announcement about the update, which means that Fortnite patch 9.20 is almost certain to be released on Thursday, June 6.

And because this is a numbered update, fans can expect an extended period of downtime on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

Server downtime will likely begin at 9am BST, although matchmaking usually goes offline slightly earlier at 8.30am BST.

Once the servers go offline, Epic Games will release the full list of 9.20 patch notes.

And based on the early patch notes, Fortnite update 9.20 will be headlined by the mysterious new Storm Flip item.

This was teased by Epic Games earlier this week: “Unleash the storm or tame it! The choice is yours!”

Nobody knows exactly how the Storm Flip item will work, other than letting players manipulate the storm in some way.

It’s even possible that Epic Games is struggling to balance the item, which may have led to the updating being delayed.

Outside of the new Storm Flip item, Epic is working on countless bug fixes and gameplay improvements.

According to the Fortnite Trello page, one such bug fix revolves around a problem with players getting stuck under ramps.

Epic is also investigating an issue with Traps that aren’t visible to players. Clearly this is something that would give players an unfair advantage.

Players can also sometimes fall off ziplines immediately after getting on them, or take fall damage after exiting a Baller.

One particularly odd problem involves vending machines becoming bugged when players are eliminated while trying to use them.

Check out the full list of early update 9.20 patch notes by clicking this link.

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