Fortnite 10.20 leaks: New Skins, Cube Island, Greasy Grove map change, loading screens

Fortnite fans have uncovered new and upcoming skins as part of the update 10.20 game files.

Update 10.20 made its PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch debut earlier today (August 27).

Fortnite 10.20 patch notes update: Borderlands crossover, Shield Bubble, BRUTE spawn rates

The update added the new Borderlands zone, as well as the Shield Bubble and lots more.

Additional leaked items were discovered within the game files, including new skins, loading screens and even map changes.

New skins include the Rogue Spider Knight and the Psycho Bandit – the latter of which can be purchased now.

New wrap styles include the Angular Flow, Fingerprint, Taffy, Corrupted and Square Stream.

Two new loading screens have also been discovered for Week 5 (top of page) and Week 6 (below).

Fans have also been given a look at upcoming map changes coming with future updates.

Greasy Grove is mentioned in the game files, which means the popular location may be coming back.

It also looks like Kevin the Cube will return as part of a Cube island hinted at in the leaked loading screen below.

It will join the new Pandora Zone, which was added as part of update 10.20.

Part of the Fortnite X Mayhem collaboration, the Rift Zone brings the rules of Pandora to Fortnite, which means players will generate shield when avoiding damage.

The area also sports a cartoonish look, which brings it in line with Borderlands. Pandora will be available until September 10.

Elsewhere, Epic Games has reduced BRUTE spawn rates and introduced the new Shield Bubble item.

The Shield Bubble creates a large shield that blocks projectiles and explosives.

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