Former Bungie developer joins Iron Galaxy

David “DeeJ” Dague, former communications director at Bungie, has joined the team at Iron Galaxy Studios. Taking over communications duties as the company prepares to launch an original multiplayer melee combat IP.

With over nine years of experience building communities at Bungie, Dague’s portfolio is quite extensive. Particularly on the Destiny series, where he started as a community manager on the first game, then later took over as communications director for the whole company. Now, Dague has left Bungie for Iron Galaxy as the studio gets ready for a new yet-to-be-announced game.

“David had an amazing run at Bungie. I had the pleasure of working with him on Destiny’s launch when I was at PlayStation,” states Adam Boyes, Co-CEO, Iron Galaxy Studios in a press release. “He has built world-class teams, and we couldn’t be happier about having him join our studio to lead the communications function at Iron Galaxy, especially during the development of our new IP.”

In the same press release, Dague expressed excitement over his new role at the company. “This opportunity with Iron Galaxy is a chance to welcome players into a community that we will build with them,” said Dague. “There is nothing more exciting than witnessing players discover a brand-new game and come together to define its culture. I’m thrilled to be tackling these challenges with my new teammates.” Dague’s titles at Iron Galaxy are Head of Communications and Chief Operating Officer.

Chelsea Blasko, the previous head of communications at Iron Galaxy, has been promoted to Co-CEO. She’ll work with Boyes on future developments for the company from now on.

There are no additional details on this new melee combat IP as of yet, and Iron Galaxy hasn’t given any clues as to when we might hear more about it. However, bringing someone like Dague on-board shows Iron Galaxy wants it to be a big thing.

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