Footage Leaks For Ubisoft’s Fortnite-Esque Battle Royale Called Project Q

Ubisoft is reportedly working on Project Q, a PvP arena game with a battle royale mode attached, and footage for the project has already leaked online.

This report comes courtesy of eXputer's Tom Henderson, who similarly leaked another Ubisoft battle royale project earlier this month called Project Pathfinder. Henderson reports that the game is in development at Ubisoft Bordeaux and was previously spotted in the Nvidia leaks from 2021.

The game, which Ubisoft describes as a "innovative and modern PvP battle arena game", has two game modes, one resembling a battle royale with eight players, and another that acts as a battle arena mode. Players are able to pick their weapons, abilities, and skills, and can pick three "Wonders" that seem to act like perks.

The thing that seems to set Project Q apart from other similar battle royales is its sillier weapons. While games like Fortnite and PUBG have realistic weapons most of the time, Project Q will reportedly feature decks of cards, hammers, fireworks, sticks, paint guns and abilities that give players wings.

Interestingly, a day after Henderson reported on Project Q, footage from the ongoing closed playtest leaked online. Some of the videos have already been taken down by Ubisoft, but the footage has been spread around and shows a game that looks remarkably similar to Fortnite, including a similar cartoony art style, although Henderson compares it more to Knockout City.

The leaked gameplay footage shows one character using what looks like a fireworks launcher as a weapon, as well as some sort of staff as their melee weapon. The game is still very clearly in early development as the UI looks unfinished, but there's a fair amount of work done on it already as things like character and weapon models are clearly in play in the footage.

Henderson reports that early feedback from Project Q has said that the game is fun once you've unlocked more of the game's Wonders and unique weapons, but that it's clearly early in development still.

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