First Medal Of Honor Update Comes After Mixed Steam Reviews

A few days after launch, VR-exclusive Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond has got its first patch.

Update 1.19 for the game is live now and introduces a number of quick fixes to some of the major gripes players have had so far. Headlining the patch is the ability to use smooth turning; previously the game only supported blink turning, meaning the screen would fade out when you flicked the joystick left or right.

Medal of Honor Update Live Now

Elsewhere this update includes a raft of smaller tweaks to issues with the overall experience. Developer Respawn has removed the Victory screens from level progression and made it easier to pick up weapons in the quartermaster area. Plus the M1 has been made louder and all of the gallery content is now unlocked from the start.

Finally, the team has ironed out issues with respawning and collision in some levels and made a range of “under the hood fixes and optimizations”.

The patch comes after a somewhat rough launch for the PC VR game, which saw initial user reviews on Steam reach a ‘Mostly Negative’ label. As of today, however, the game has fought its way up to a ‘Mixed’ rating with just under 500 reviews. The game’s fairing better on the Oculus Store, with a rating just shy of four stars after just over 130 reviews.

Indeed, we had some big issues with the game in our review. “If you’re eager to dive into a VR version of WWII with exciting set piece moments, authentic historical footage, and an addictively fun online multiplayer mode, then you should come away satisfied,” we wrote. “But if you were looking for an immersive narrative wrapped up in a cutting-edge evolution of VR game design with expert pacing — don’t hold your breath.”

In the post announcing the update, Facebook’s Mike Doran said to expect another update for the game later this week. No details on exactly what’s going into the next patch just yet, though.

Will you be diving back in to check out the Medal of Honor update? Let us know in the comments below!

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