Final Fantasy VII Remake could be part of State of Play livestream claim rumours

Sony’s next State Of Play show will include a re-reveal of a third party game not seen for some time, according to an industry insider.

Sony’s first State Of Play, their attempt at a Nintendo Direct style preview show, was a bit of a disappointment, with few major announcements and an irritating voiceover. But tomorrow’s stream should be different.

Sony has already said it will feature the first proper look at their long-awaited MediEvil remake, as well as another brand-new game annoucement.

They’ve also warned in advance there’ll be nothing about the PlayStation 5, but one insider has hinted that there could be something almost as good: Final Fantasy VII Remake.

After being announced at E3 2015 almost nothing has been seen of the remake since and it’s still unclear whether it’s aiming to come out this generation or not.

But Daniel Ahmad, Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, has said that tomorrow’s State of Play will include a, ‘re-reveal of a third party game that was announced long ago’.

Posting on forum ResetEra under the name ZhugeEX, Amad has a reliable track record and is clearly well connected. And while he didn’t mention the game by name he hinted, via a meme image of Square Enix, that the game in question is in fact Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Although other possibilities include Square Enix’s Avengers game, Michel Ancel’s WiLD, Capcom’s Deep Down, and possibly Shenmue III (although at least some footage of that has been released since its original reveal, so that may not count).

There seems to be no clue as to what the brand-new game is, although the fact that Ubisoft is making a major Ghost Recon annoucement just a few hours earlier may hold a clue.

Whatever the specifics, Ahmad insists that the new State of Play ‘will be better than the last’, even though it’s only expected to be about 10 minutes in length.

You can get a surprising amount done in that time though, and still have space for a few two-minute trailers, so hopes are high – especially as this is likely to be the last State of Play before E3, which of course Sony is not attending this year.

The second Sate of Play episode will go live on Thursday, 9 May at 11pm BST, while the Ubisoft annoucement is due at 7pm the same day.

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