Final Fantasy Community Votes Vivi Best Character In The Franchise

The community of Final Fantasy players recently chose their favorite character in the franchise, Vivi. The decision was made following a poll on the social media platform Reddit which saw thousands of individual votes being cast over the course of numerous rounds of elimination.

“Vivi is chosen as the winner of the Final Fantasy Favorite Character Elimination Poll,” the original poster going by VivifyingV remarked. “Thank you for all the votes and comments, it's been fun!”

The poll involved no less than 11 rounds of voting before a quarter final, semi final, and of course a final which took place between Tifa and Vivi. The former captured 1,422 votes or 60.61 percent of respondents and the latter captured 924 votes or 39.39 percent of respondents for the matter of “least favorite.” The final involved a total of 2,346 respondents.

The results have been pretty positively received on the whole. The user on Reddit known as Disastrous-Wrap4553 for example simply saying “deserved. Not my favorite character, but a worthy victor. I'd see no one else sit on the throne. Hail, Vivi!” The sentiment was picked up by another user going by Aromatic_Relative287 who said that “it was always either going to be Vivi or Cloud.”

While most have apparently accepted the outcome, a few have been rather critical of the circumstances under which the poll was taken, the user known as Dyingprincess for example noting that only “2,346 votes” were cast for a series of games “played by tens of millions. Sort of like that favorite Final Fantasy character poll that was done in Japan recently. Something like 11,000 people voted and Wakka finished second, purely because of some meme video.”

Vivi first appeared in the famous franchise in Final Fantasy 9. The character is a Dark Mage who can often be found stumbling over things in a series of rather comical cutscenes. Vivi on the other hand becomes increasingly confident as the plot progresses, turning into a powerful character by the end of the game.

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