Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Introduces Blood To The Game

A PlayStation Store ESRB rating for Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade has revealed that blood will be appearing in the game, which is notable because it didn’t appear in the 2020 release.

The PlayStation Store listing shows that Intergrade will have the same overall rating as the original game, but with the addition of blood. Although Intergrade is an updated version of the 2020 release, it wouldn’t make sense for them to add blood to old scenes so it stands to reason that the blood will be appearing in the Yuffie chapter that is exclusive to Intergrade.

Considering Yuffie eventually ends up appearing in the Final Fantasy 7 story, a pessimist would assume that means that the episode’s new character, Sonon, isn’t long for this world. As an original character who isn’t playable, it would make perfect sense for him to bite the bullet towards the end of the adventure.

Sure, Final Fantasy 7 Remake introduced some new characters into the fray such as Leslie, but the addition of blood to the game’s rating makes it seem likely that he won’t be making it past this episode. It would also provide Yuffie with the motivation to join Cloud during the next part of the remake, as well as making sure that the number of party members isn’t climbing too high.

There’s always the possibility that Sonon will just be injured, or perhaps even Yuffie herself, but the likely outcome sees the unknown, unplayable character getting the motivational axe. If Remake didn’t think to include blood for some of its character deaths, it must be a big moment to be worth including here.

Funnily enough, the original Final Fantasy 7 actually did have blood in a fair few scenes, although the Remake decided to avoid that altogether, even in a few scenes that would actually make sense to include it. Some memorable ones include the fight against Sephiroth and the trail of blood found when waking up in Shinra HQ.

A similar situation happened when the ESRB rating was released for Kingdom Hearts 3. That revealed that a character would be stabbed off-screen and impaled, which sent the community into a frenzy of what could possibly happen. As it turned out, it was referencing Will Turner being stabbed in the Pirates of the Caribbean world, but it’s fun to theorize nonetheless.

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