Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade: 9 Tips To Beating Yuffie’s DLC On Hard Mode

Square Enix still has not revealed when the second part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake saga will come out, but at least fans have the PS5 upgrade to 2020’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake to hold them over until then. This new upgrade also brings with it INTERmission, a DLC episode starring Yuffie Kisaragi.

While the episode is between five and eight hours long, there is a Hard Mode unlocked after the initial playthrough to help extend replay value. Even Normal Mode is more challenging than the main game, so Hard Mode is an especially tough endeavor. Following the ten tips below will certainly make the trip through it more manageable.

Grind To Level 50 In The Post Game

Like the main game, you can select between the two chapters in a menu after beating the DLC. In Chapter 2, there is a Shinra Combat Simulator with three fights. Use these to grind to level 50. Just do the first round, Yuffie & Sonnon vs. Shinra’s Dark Secrets, over and over again to reach level 50 in a relatively quick fashion.

If you earned the EXP Up Materia from the Shinra Box Busting minigame in Chapter 2 this process will go by faster, but it is not necessary. Even without the extra experience boost, it should only take about 90 minutes to reach level 50. This is especially helpful in the first half of the DLC where enemies are slightly weaker.

Earn All The Weapon Abilities Beforehand

Sonon and Yuffie have fewer weapons than the party from the main game. If you have already been regularly switching between weapons to earn their abilities, then both characters should already have all of their moves.

If you haven’t, use the time in the Shinra Combat Simulator to also master all the weapon abilities. You can do it simultaneously while grinding towards the level cap. Some abilities, like Banishment, come in handy during certain bosses and tougher enemies.

Level Up MP Up and HP Up

These two Materia will serve Yuffie and Sonon well during Hard Mode. However, they take a long time to level up and master. We recommend having them equipped from the very beginning of the first playthrough. They can be bought, but both are found in the opening minutes of the DLC.

  • HP UP is located on a platform going up a lift next to the shutter Yuffie crawls under.
  • MP UP is found in a cave when she is already closer to Midgar after fighting the two Dire Wolves.

Slot these into a weapon or armor and never let them go. By the time you reach Hard Mode, you’ll have a significant HP and MP boost.

Take Bosses At A Slower Pace

On Normal Mode, it is generally easier to mount an aggressive offensive against bosses and take them out quickly. With the right Materia, they can be disposed of just as quickly as some normal enemies.

This is not the case in Hard Mode. Especially in the latter half of the game, bosses require more tact and a better understanding of their move set. It is best to keep a safe distance and dodge and block heavy attacks while slowly eating away at their health bar. You cannot use items on Hard Mode, meaning there is no way to restore MP during a battle. You can only heal so many times.

Level Up Chakra And Prayer

Chakra and Prayer are two particularly useful pieces of Materia in both the main game and the DLC. On Hard Mode, they can be lifesavers.

  • Chakra restores the user’s HP without using any MP.
  • Prayer restores the party’s HP without using any MP.

Considering items are out of the question, these two abilities are essential to restoring HP with no additional MP cost. When mastered, these two Materia can take the place of Curaga, letting Yuffie and Sonon use their MP for more offensive magic.

Get Ramuh

There is only one summon available in INTERmission, but it is recommended you earn it as early as possible. Ramuh first becomes available in Chapter One while exploring the Sector 7 slums. Wait until Sonon joins the party to fight him.

  • Many of Ramuh’s moves can be easily avoided and dodged if you keep your distance.
  • Keep Sonon alive during the battle, since he keeps attacking Ramuh and will sacrifice himself if Yuffie’s HP hits zero.

If the fight in Chadley’s simulation proves too difficult, you can always go back and earn him after beating the DLC by using chapter select.

Beat Chadley In Fort Condor

The Fort Condor minigame is a fun diversion and the main side quest of INTERmission. Most of the matches are easy and should cause you no trouble, but the final battle with Chadley might cause some problems.

You should do it, however, since it earns you the AP Up Materia, which will help level up some vital Materia faster. It is not completely necessary to earn AP Up, but it will be a great assistance if you decide to grind out some Materia.

Break All The Boxes

If you played the main game already, you’ll know the joy of smashing boxes. It is equally as fun on Hard Mode, but also necessary. Because you cannot use items and the resting benches on Hard Mode only heal your HP, breaking boxes is the only way to recover MP on Hard Mode.

Be sure to always destroy them wherever you are and keep a watchful eye on your MP. It is possible to get stuck right before a hard boss with no MP, which is absolutely a situation you do not want.

Remember Bosses’ Weaknesses

Since this is your second playthrough of INTERmission, you’ll probably have already assessed many of the bosses and harder enemies. It serves you best to remember these, since paying attention to vulnerabilities is essential to victory.

  • The Gigantipede is vulnerable to lightning. Its head, however, only is hurt from physical attacks while its tail only succumbs to magic.
  • The Crimson Mare is vulnerable to lightning. Focus attacks on Scarlet to incapacitate it momentarily. When it recharges and brings in weapons during its second phase, attack these weapons first.
  • Nero has no magic weaknesses, so focus purely on physical attacks. During the second phase mostly keep your distance, attacking with the shuriken and only coming in close for a Synergized Art of War attack.

Remembering these basic strategies goes a long way towards making the bosses more manageable.

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