Final Fantasy 7 Remake Director Hints Jessie Might Reappear In Future Games

It appears the reports of Avalanche’s demise were exaggerated, as a comment made by one of the co-directors of Final Fantasy 7 Remake suggests that Jessie will reappear in future games in the series.

In the original version of Final Fantasy 7, the three members of Avalanche who accompany Cloud and Barret throughout the early stages of the game all perish. Biggs, Jessie, and Wedge are all gravely wounded while defending the Sector 7 pillar from being destroyed by the Shinra Corporation. Cloud and his friends manage to escape when the pillar falls, but the other members of the team are crushed. Final Fantasy 7 Remake changes who lives and who dies. Biggs is shown to survive the events of the game, but Jessie and Wedge’s fates are unclear. Jessie appears to die on the pillar, but Biggs has her gear with him at the end of the game.

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It’s possible that Jessie survived her fate from Final Fantasy 7 and will come back in the remake series. According to a comment made by co-director Motomu Toriyama in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Material Ultimania guide (translated by aitaikimochi on Twitter), he wants to see Jessie appear on stage again.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake fleshes out Jessie’s backstory in new ways. It’s revealed that she wanted to be an actress and appear on stage in the Gold Saucer. One fan theory about future Final Fantasy 7 Remake games is that players will get to see Jessie appear on stage, but her injuries led to her having amnesia. It’s also possible that Cloud and his friends arrived in an alternate timeline, which would explain the Zack scene at the end of the game.

It’s possible that Toriyama was referring to an upcoming flashback scene showing Jessie’s time at the Gold Saucer. It’s also possible that he’s just stirring the pot and keeping fans talking about the game. One of the most exciting aspects of Final Fantasy 7 Remake going in a new direction is that fans will have years to discuss the ways in which the story can change, and the question of Jessie’s survival is sure to keep the discussion going until the sequel finally arrives.

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