Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker: Where Is The Aether Compass?

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Much like every expansion before it, Final Fantasy 14's Endwalker doesn't allow you to fly around on your trusty mount until you have collected all of the Aether Currents in a given area. While some of these are rewarded upon completion of optional side quests, many have to be found scattered around the map and you must find them and attune yourself.

Fortunately, you're not searching all over the place without a clue, as the game gives you a handy Aether Compass to use. However, for Endwalker, the Aether Compass has been moved! This guide tells you everything you need to know about where to find it in Endwalker.

Where Is The Aether Compass In Endwalker?

Prior to Endwalker, the Aether Compass was a key item given on completion of the Heavensward quest "Drinking the Pain Away". It's been located in the same place for every expansion since — found in your Key Items and it could be assigned to your hot bar if you wished. If you did have it assigned to your hot bar, once you logged in to get cracking with the Endwalker content, you might have noticed that it was no longer functional. That's because it's been moved.

Now your Aether Compass is found under the "Duty" menu, then choose "Collections" (shown in the images above). The Aether Compass is right there and can be re-assigned to your hot bar for easy access.

How Do You Use The Aether Compass?

We recommend assigning the Aether Compass to a hot bar, but wherever you choose to use it from, simply select it and an on-screen message will appear to tell you where the nearest Aether Current is on the map.

If you're unsure how many you have left to collect in each zone, you can go to the "Travel" menu and select "Aether Currents" or type "/aethercurrent" into your log to bring up the display of all Aether Currents you have collected.

Don't forget, not all of them are found on the map. Some of them are obtained from completing side quests — the side quests you want to check for these are marked with the blue background and plus symbol. Some of these will not appear until certain main scenario quests and side quests have been completed first.

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