Final Fantasy 13: How To Find Every Bangle And Wristband

Final Fantasy 13 is full of accessories for players to collect and use to beef up your party. Each accessory will help improve a different stat, and Bangles will help you upgrade your character's health. Bangles can be found throughout the whole game, ranging from Iron in the early game all the way to Wurtzite.

Meanwhile, Wristbands will upgrade your characters' strength stat, letting them hit a bit harder in combat. With that in mind, here's how you can find every Bangle and Wristband in Final Fantasy 13.

How To Find Every Bangle In Final Fantasy 13

NameTraitStoreBuy PriceSynthesized FromCatalyst RequiredTreasure SphereHunt Mission
Iron BangleHP +50B&W Outfitters500 gilHanging Edge, Pulse Vestige
Silver BangleHP +100B&W Outfitters800 gilIron BangleMilleriteLake Bresha
Tungsten BangleHP +150B&W Outfitters1,500 gilSilver BangleRhodocrositePalumpolum
Titanium BangleHP +200B&W Outfitters3,600 gilTungsten BangleCobaltite
Gold BangleHP +250B&W Outfitters9,000 gilTitanium BanglePerovskiteThe Palamecia
Mythril BangleHP +300B&W Outfitters15,000 gilGold BangleUraniniteYaschas Massif
Platinum BangleHP +400Sanctum Labs24,000 gilMythril BangleMnar StoneMah'Habara, Archylte Steppe3
Diamond BangleHP +500Platinum BangleScarletite26, 38
Adamant BangleHP +800Diamond BangleAdamantiteOrphan's Cradle
Wurtzite BangleHP +1,500Adamant BangleDark Matter

Treasure Sphere Locations

  • Iron Bangle: Just after the second save point in Chapter 1, look to your left to find the Iron Bangle, your first accessory!
  • Iron Bangle: When the perspective shifts to Snow in Chapter 1, grab the treasure sphere on your right near the second save point.
  • Iron Bangle: When Chapter 2 begins and Vanille takes over as party leader, run straight ahead to find a treasure sphere with an Iron Bangle.
  • Silver Bangle: In the second area of Chapter 3, check down the side path to the left of the first open area (right before the save point).
  • Tungsten Bangle: After entering Felix Heights in Chapter 7, you'll see a save point then enter an open area. To progress you'll need to turn right, but before you do check the far left corner.
  • Gold Bangle: On the Bridge Access area of Chapter 9, follow the leftmost path all the way to the end to get the Gold Bangle before fighting Barthandelus.
  • Mythril Bangle: After entering the Path of Paddra area of Yaschas Massif, take the right-hand path to find the Mythril Bangle.
  • Platinum Bangle: In the Northern Highlands section of the Archylte Steppe, go as far north as you can go then as far west as you can go for a treasure sphere holding two Platinum Bangles.
  • Platinum Bangle: After unlocking the ability to ride Chocobos on the Archelyte Steppe, you can reach a new area north of the Eastern Tors. The westernmost point of Aggra's Pasture has a Platinum Bangle.
  • Platinum Bangle: Between the first and second save points in Mah'Habara, a side path to the left contains a Cie'th Stone. Complete its Mission and return to find a treasure sphere with a Platinum Bangle.
  • Adamant Bangle: In the Tessearacts area of Chapter 13, you'll find an area with roughly hexagon-shaped platforms. The central warp takes you to platforms with several treasures spheres. You'll need to defeat an Immortal, but the prize includes an Adamant Bangle!

How To Find Every Wristband In Final Fantasy 13

NameTraitShopBuy PriceSynthesized FromCatalyst RequiredTreasure SphereHunt Mission
Power WristbandStrength +20B&W Outfitters1,000 gilPulse Vestige
Brawler's WristbandStrength +50B&W Outfitters3,000 gilPower WristbandCobaltitePalumpolum
Warrior's WristbandStrength +100B&W Outfitters10,000 gilBrawler's WristbandUraninite23
Power GloveStrength +150Warrior's WristbandScarletiteEden
Kaiser KnucklesStrength +200Power GloveDark Matter

Treasure Sphere Locations

  • Power Wristband: Upon entering the Ambulatory area of Chapter 2, go immediately to your left to find the treasure sphere.
  • Brawler's Wristband: The treasure sphere for the Brawler's Wristband is at the end of the hall in the Estheim Residence (Hope's house) in Chapter 7.
  • Power Glove: Upon entering Edenhall in Chapter 12, proceed along the corridor until you see the save point. The treasure sphere will be just past it.

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