Fan Spends 5 Years Recreating Ratchet & Clank In Unreal, Video Gets Insomniac’s Attention

One dedicated Ratchet & Clank fan has spent five years recreating the game within Unreal Engine.

YouTuber Beta Tester has been working to remake Ratchet & Clank within Unreal Engine since 2017, although they haven't uploaded a video since 2021, up until this week when they uploaded Ratchet & Clank: Unreal Engine Rewind. This video showcases their progress between 2017 and 2021, showcasing the most recent updates to the project that went unseen after they took a small hiatus from the project.

The video starts with this message, "Yo. Long time no see. Hope you're all fine. I'm truly sorry for the sudden disappearance. Things just got too overwhelming for me. I had more to show after the last update on the Ratchet project but I just never ended up uploading them for whatever reason."

We then get to see the first glimpse of the project from 2017 that shows a textureless avatar running around a grey space, smashing boxes and interacting with an unfinished Gadgetron vendor. The video keeps moving through the years, showing the evolution of Ratchet's animations and showing him getting a new model. By 2019, Ratchet's moveset is almost finished, including being able to aim from first person, and whole areas have been recreated like Kerwan.

Although the project seems to have stopped being shown off by 2020, the video shows that enemies are being set up to react to Ratchet's moves, puzzles like bolt cranks are being implemented, and features like Ratchet's jet dash forward are now in the game. It's seriously impressive considering how many minute details have been thought about here. Further into the video, you can see things like swimming and teleporting being set up, which seems like an unreal amount of work.

The video has even managed to get the attention of Insomniac Games, with YouTuber DSalary9487 commenting, "Hey I’m a designer here at Insomniac and your video has been floating around our studio. I just wanted to say good work and keep it up! Game development is a roller coaster but it’s always rewarding once you finish what you set out to do!"

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