Fan Creates Mario Kart 8 Animal Crossing Track On Their New Horizons Island

The Animal Crossing track isn't just the best bit of DLC in Mario Kart 8, it's the best track in the whole game, period. But one fan has taken their love of the racecourse to a whole new level, recreating it on their Animal Crossing New Horizons island.

The creator isn't actually known, as it was only spotted by another player visiting the island via the Dream Address system. They opted to travel to a random island, and just happened to land on the faithful reconstruction of the iconic Mario Kart 8 track.

"Went to a random Dream Address and whoever made this Mario Kart 8 island based on the Animal Crossing stage…I love you", says Twitter user @PishPawshART. The island is called Lamasery, and Pish has shared the Dream Code in case you want to see it for yourself: DA-8468-5893-3290.

As reported by Nintendo Life, there's a whole lot more to the island than what we see in the short clip. Coins line the path, helping you find your way across the track, revealing that almost every aspect of it has been built. There are even the big ramps you'd find in Mario Kart – although because of the way Animal Crossing works, you can't actually use them.

If you're looking to spruce up your own island a bit, you're in luck. Animal Crossing has already dropped its line of New Year's Eve furniture, adding to the ridiculous amount of content fans have to go through following the latest big update. From what we can see in the pictures shared, we have 2022 New Year's balloons to purchase, as well as new food and drinks to craft. The furniture will be available until January 5, so you have a fair amount of time to pick up everything in the new line of gear (or, you know, you could just time travel).

Animal Crossing New Horizons and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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