Fallout 76: Everything You Need To Know About Player Vending

Player Vending Machines is a great way to raise funds in Fallout 76. Once set up the machines are largely automated bringing in a steady income as players buy the goods and the player keeps it stocked with what they want.

Surprisingly setting one up and getting things rolling is fairly easy, players just need to know what they’re doing. To help aspiring entrepreneurs or to assist those players already in the marketplace, here are some things to keep in mind when using Vending Machines.

Fairly Cheap To Set Up

Vending Machines are surprisingly cheap to build. In the C.A.M.P. menu, the player can build one for three Steel and three Wood. Once built it needs at least three power to keep it running.

Even the most basic C.A.M.P. can easily set up one of the Vending Machines to start bringing in an income. Both the Steel and Wood resources are found abundantly in the world. A small Generator will provide the requisite three power and costs one Ceramic, two Copper, two Gears, two Rubber, and four Steel to create.

30 Items At A Time

Once the Vending Machine is built, the player can keep it stocked with up to 30 different items. Just about every item in the game can be sold at a Vending Machine, everything from meaningless junk obtained from Mothman cultists to legendary weapons.

If there are already 30 items for sale the player will have to remove one before putting in another item. Items in the C.A.M.P.s storage space will be marked for sale and can be pulled from storage. Items can never be stolen from the Vending Machine itself.

Up To Four Machines

The player can have up to four machines operating at any time. With 30 items in each Vending Machine, the player is able to have up to 120 items for sale at any given time.

Because of how automated the process is there’s no downside to having four machines up and running. Assuming the player has at least 12 power they can put up a plethora of items for sale and walk away. Granted keeping four machines properly stocked can be a bit of a challenge.

Identify Good Items To Sell

Knowing what to sell is always changing and largely depends on the market in any particular server. Some servers might have certain items that sell extremely well whereas another server may have no call for that item whatsoever.

Generally speaking, there are a number of things that tend to sell well, such as Ammo, Stimpaks, or Plans. But for the players who really want to make quick profits, it pays to do research. Put up an item for a few days and see how fast it sells, see what other Vendors are offering, and pay attention to other players’ gear and builds to identify popular metals.

Keep Everything Stocked

Once the player has identified which items they want to sell the next step is to build inventory. Player’s will need to find a way to source those items cheaply enough that they can be turned around and sold on the Vending Machine.

The most common methods are farming or even buying it from more traditional vendors. In these cases, the player will need to dedicate a little bit of time every few days to keep their Machines stocked. Most players will simply stock the Machines with whatever is on hand, but this is less efficient and less profitable.

Be Near Foot Traffic

A great way to turn over a lot of product quickly is to be where the people are. Setting up C.A.M.P. next to popular destinations ensures that a steady amount of foot traffic and potential customers will be in the area.

Popular farming locations, unique merchants, and lucrative resource areas are some of the best spots to set up a Vending Machine. It can also give insights into the types of items players in the area will need. If it’s combat-heavy for instance it’s a fair bet that Ammo and Stimpaks will be sellers.

Convenience Trumps Value

When determining what items to stock and what to price them at it’s important to remember that convenience trumps value. Many players are hesitant to raise prices above the average prices at a merchant thinking players will skip them and go to wherever it’s cheapest.

In reality, players will be willing to spend a bit more if it saves them time. As an example, if a player is devoting an hour to farming and didn’t bring enough ammo they’re more likely to buy more expensive ammo locally than travel to a far-off merchant. Sure, they could get it cheaper somewhere else, but it can be more efficient to pay more if it means getting back to whatever they’re doing sooner.

Factor In The Tax

Also when determining prices of items for sale it’s important to remember there’s a 10% sales tax on everything sold. For players selling their spare items this probably isn’t too important, but for players sourcing goods to sell it can be a problem.

For instance, if the player bought several Stimpaks from a merchant and traveled to a remote combat-heavy location to sell them it’s important to do the math to determine the sales’ price. The sale must cover the cost of buying the item, the 10% tax, and whatever profit they’re hoping to get from each unit sold.

Remember The Cap Limit

In addition to the 10% tax another setback when selling items from Vending Machines is that there is a total cap to earnings. Once a player has earned $25 thousand worth of caps all future transactions will bring in $0.

Admittedly this is a great deal of money in the game to do interesting things like launch Nukes, but it’s important to remember when a player is heavily utilizing Vending Machines. It’s important the player cleans out their Vending Machines after hitting the cap or else they’ll lose those items if a sale happens.

Can Make Great Bait

After hitting the cap and no longer being able to make money many players make the mistake of ditching the Vending Machines. For the more devious minded players, there is an interesting use for Vending Machines after hitting the cap.

Players can set them up as bait to lure players to a particular location. It can be done as bait for a trap, ambush, or general trolling. With the right set up players can make a great deal of money luring other players in with Vending Machines, killing them with traps, and then looting the bodies.

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