Fallout 4: The 10 Side Quests With The Best Rewards (And How To Start Them)

Fallout 4 is a huge open-world game with tons of hours of content for you to play through. Quests have something to offer players, either a step closer to Shaun or getting a nice weapon that’s unique in the game.

When it comes to side quests, there are 35 total in the game (without including DLC content), and while most of them are fun to complete, here you have a list of which ones give the best rewards.

Pickman’s Gift

Reward: Pickman’s Blade.

This sidequest takes place in the Pinkman gallery, where a bunch of raiders are looking for someone named Pickman and will attack you if they see you. Go to the room that’s on your left and loot the body of the dead raider; he has a holotape named “Message to Jack” that had the first clue to finding this Pickman guy.

Then enter the hidden tunnels behind the gallery, fight some raiders, and at the end, you’ll find Pickman being held at gunpoint. Whatever the outcome is, you’ll get a key to Pickman’s safe (which is behind a paint in the gallery), open the safe, and collect Pickman’s blade, a unique melee weapon.

Here Kitty, Kitty

Reward: A fusion core.

Once you open the door to Vault 81, a cat named Ashes runs out into the outside world. You’ll then have to speak with Erin Combes, the cat’s owner. She will tas you to retrieve the cat, and as a reward, you’ll get a fusion core, which is super scarce and serve as a battery for power armors.

Head outside, and you’ll find the cat in two possible spots. First, go east of the Vault and towards the Chestnut Hillock Reservoir; ashes should be sitting on the docks. If it isn’t there, look for the animal on the opposite side of the reservoir, near a skeleton in the wheelchair. Once the cat is safe and sound back in the Vault, you’ll receive your reward.

Short Stories

Reward: Grognak the Barbarian perk magazine.

This one is a short and easy side quest with a nice reward; what else could you ask for? To start “Short Stories,” simply head over to Vault 81 and talk to Katy, the teacher. However, to gain access to the Vault, you’ll have first to complete a quest that requires three fusion cores. Alternatively, you could complete a difficult Speech check.

Either way, once inside, talk to Katy, and she will ask the player to tell a story about the Commonwealth. After telling the little ones about the Deathclawa you fought earlier in the game, Katy will thank the player by giving them a Grognak the Barbarian comic. This magazine raises the critical damage of unarmed or melee attacks by 5%. If you find all of the magazine’s issues, this buff can be go up to 50%.

Here There Be Monsters

Rewards: Zao’s sword and three homing beacons.

To start this quest, speak with Donny Kowalski in the docks behind the Shamrock Taphouse. He’ll tell you he has seen a monster out of the water off the docks. You’ll have to investigate, and instead of a sea monster, you’ll find the Yangtze-31, a Chinese submarine from the great war.

Once inside, you can speak to Zao, a ghoul and the sub’s captain, who will task the sole survivor to help him fix the ship. While this quest is a long one, the rewards are worth it. At the end of the mission, Zao will give the player three homing beacons, each of which allows the player to summon a nuke from the sub. You can also get Zao’s sword, a unique melee weapon that deals 16 damage.

The Big Dig

Rewards: Ashmaker and John Hancock as a companion.

You’ll get this quest after speaking with Bobbi No-Nose in Goodneighbor. She hires you for a job that requires discretion. In the end, you’ll discover that Bobbi lied to you. She isn’t planning to break into Diamond City’s strongroom but instead break into a secluded storage room owned by Goodneighbor’s mayor, Hancock.

You’ll have to choose if you want to continue helping Bobbi, kill her and side with Hancock or convince her to surrender. If you select one of the last two options, Hancocks’ bodyguard will reward you with Ashmaker, a legendary minigun with incendiary bullets. Also, down this path, if you chose this storyline Hancock will become available as a companion.

Cambridge Polymer Labs

Reward: Piezonucleic power armor chest.

This quest starts once you’ve set foot inside the Cambridge Polymer Labs, there a Nanny bot called Molly will task the player with completing a 200-year-old science project.

The final stage of the project will result in a Piezonucleic power armor chest being crafted, which you can keep afterward. This legendary power armor piece increases the regeneration rate of Action Points when you are exposed to radiation.

The Secret Of Cabot House

Rewards: Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun or a lifetime supply of mysterious serum.

The Cabot house is a rare place in the Commonwealth that didn’t suffer from the war effects. Once inside, you’ll everything is in pristine condition and has lots of useful things to loot, like a fat guy or a zeta gun. To start the side quest related to the family that lives there, you’ll have to take part in multiple side quests, starting with “Special Delivery” and “Emogen Takes a Lover” the final quest in this chain is “The Secret of Cabot House.”

During the last one, Jack, the guy who hired you for the last two quests, will ask you to prevent raiders from freeing Lorenzo, Jack’s father. You’ll have to go to the Parsons State Insane Asylum, kill the raiders and then choose if you want to kill Lorenzo or free him. If you side with Jack, he will give you Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun, a unique gamma gun. However, if you side with Lorenzo, he will give you a mysterious serum that gives the user incredible strength and protects them from radiation.

Curtain Call

Rewards: Strong as a possible companion and a piece of clothing.

During your adventures in Fallout 4, you can take companions to aid you along the way. Some of them you’ll find pretty quickly, while others need you to complete certain side quests in order to unlock. This is the case of Strong, a lovable but brute super mutant.

To get Strong as a possible companion, you’ll first have to complete Curtain Call. To do so, get close to Trinity Tower and listen to the distress call on your Pip-Boy radio from Rex Goodman, who’s trapped at the top of the Tower. Once completing the mission and freeing Rex and Strong, you’ll be rewarded with a clothing piece that grants the player +3 charisma, and Strong becomes available as a new companion.

Last Voyage Of The U.S.S. Constitution

Reward: Broadsider.

Some missions are worth doing because of the reward you end up with, while others are just super bizarre and fun. Luckily, “Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution” has the best of both worlds. To start this sidequest, head over east of Bunker Hill, there you’ll find the U.S.S. Constitution, a ship run by robots whose captain is the sentry robot Ironsides.

Ironsides will ask the player to help him and his crew in their quest to return the ship to the Atlantic Ocean. If you play your cards right, you will help the robots make the ship fly; however, it doesn’t end in the ocean. Instead, it crashes in a nearby skyscraper. Nevertheless, you’ll receive a Broadsider as a reward. This is a unique weapon that uses cannonballs as ammo.

Hole In The Wall

Rewards: a Syringer rifle and Curie as a companion.

Vault 81 is filled with exciting characters and useful side quests; one of the most significant ones is “Hole in the Wall” to get this one, just wait till one of the kids in the Vault has been moved to the medical bay. Speak to Dr. Penske to start the quest.

She’ll tell the player that the kid was bitten by a mole rat and is terribly ill; you’re then tasked with going to a hidden place in the Vault to search for a cure. You have to be very careful as this side of the Vault is filled with mole rats, and if they bite you, you’ll get infected as well. Eventually, you’ll find a robot named Curie who’s been developing the cure for all these years. However, there’s only one dose, which shouldn’t be a problem unless you’ve been bitten.

Return to Dr. Forsythe and make a choice, either give the cure to the kid and save his life or keep it to yourself. Whatever you choose, Curie will still be open to being your companion. Still, if you save the kid, you’ll be rewarded with a Syringer rifle.

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