Fallout 4: Diamond City Blues Quest Walkthrough

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There are hundreds of locations for you to discover in Fallout 4, ranging from settlements to molerat nests, but not many are more interesting than Diamond City. This settlement, complete with a large population and multiple thriving businesses, is a gem in the otherwise dark Commonwealth; and there are lots of unique things to experience in this town.

Additionally, there are dozens of objectives, including quests, to complete in Diamond City. "Diamond City Blues" is a side quest that's easy to overlook if you don't explore every part of the settlement. Here's how to start and finish "Diamond City Blues" in Fallout 4, as well as the rewards waiting for you upon completion.

"Diamond City Blues" Walkthrough

"Diamond City Blues" isn't a particularly long quest, but it does have multiple steps that you need to complete for you to finish it. Both dialogue and combat play big parts in this mission, so prepare by investing points into the Charisma stat and bringing a powerful weapon.

Walk Into The Colonial Taphouse

To start "Diamond City Blues," you need to travel to the Colonial Taphouse, which is in the Upper Stands of the city. Inside you'll find Henry Cooke fighting Paul Pembroke — it's not much of a fight as Henry quickly wins. After witnessing this scene, you should exit the building and walk into the main marketplace of Diamond City. Paul will seek you out here and ask for your help; accept and you'll start "Diamond City Blues."

Enter the Colonial Taphouse once more with Paul, and he'll then pull out a gun and point it at Henry. You need to decide to either tell Paul to attack Henry or calm him down with a Charisma check. If you calm Paul down, then Henry will offer to let you in on a chem deal to make up for the trouble between him and Paul.

However, if you encourage Paul and he instead kills Henry, then you can take a note off his body that gives you information about the chem deal. You can also pretend not to know Paul at all during their exchange, which will lead to violence between the two of them. The final option is to persuade Paul to let you talk to Henry alone via a Charisma check, which will offer another path to finding out about the chem deal.

Attend The Chem Deal

Regardless of which choice you make and whether Paul or Henry is alive, you can attend the chem deal outside of Diamond City. A quest marker will point you to the correct location. The easiest way to handle the deal is by ambushing the participants and killing all of them before they see you. However, you can also converse with a few of the members before instead of killing them.

Trish is one of the people you'll encounter at the chem deal, and you can converse with her upon killing the other participants. If you offer to let her live or you pass the necessary Charisma checks, then she'll offer you the location of a Chem Lab with a lot of expensive items to loot.

You can also kill Trish and learn about the Chem Lab via a note left on her body. Henry will try to kill Trish if she's still alive, so make sure to avoid bringing him or just kill him before he can kill Trish.

However, if Paul is with you, you may need to split the loot of the Chem Lab with him. This results in significantly less reward since you can gain thousands of Caps from the chems inside the Chem Lab. One option is to kill Paul, but you can also pass a few Charisma checks to get him to leave the scene, allowing you to keep all of the chems.

Enter The Chem Lab

The final step you need to complete is entering the Chem Lab, which is at the Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant. There are tripwire traps and Feral Ghouls surround the building, so you'll need to be extra careful and prepare for combat before attempting to enter. Follow the quest marker to the main terminal and either hack it or use the note Trish gave you to open the door.

Walk into the Chem Lab, and you'll encounter a few weak enemies. Defeat them and then loot the interior. There are lots of items lying around throughout the lab, but the most notable is definitely the chems since they have such a high value when sold together. Once you have everything you want, you can leave the Chem Lab, and the quest will be complete.

What Do You Earn For Completing The "Diamond City Blues" Quest?

The primary reward you earn for completing "Diamond City Blues" is a collection of chems, up to 60 Mentats, Jet, Buffout, and Psycho each.

Additionally, you can potentially loot up to 1,000 Caps if you kill Nelson Latimer.

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