Fallen Legion Revenants – How To Defeat Arkhaeocetes

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Fallen Legion Revenants is no stranger to combat – in fact, more than half the game is Rowena running around slapping monsters with her spectral magic and equally-spectral companions. It’s a fun time for all as the combat in Revenants is quite good with a lot of nuances. In the early game, however, it is a bit too easy.

That’s where bosses come into play. Larger-than-life opponents that are designed to test your mettle and make sure you’ve been paying attention. Arkhaeocetes is the first true boss of Fallen Legion Revenants, and, being a giant sky whale donned with laser cannons, is more than capable of wiping your banshee brigade from the face of the earth.

Who Is Arkhaeocetes?

Arkhaeocetes is the first boss of Fallen Legion Revenants. You will encounter it at the end of Chapter One, and it will be the final foe standing between you and desperately-needed supplies. Arkhaeocetes is monstrously large due to being a whale and is by far the most dangerous enemy you have faced up until this point.

Arkhaeocetes’ Attacks

Arkhaeocetes has several attacks, and they are all very dangerous. Unsurprisingly, some are more dangerous than others, and these hyper-dangerous attacks should be avoided at all costs. Arkhaeocetes has enough punch (despite lacking arms…) to wipe your entire party in a single hit.

Double CannonArkhaeocetes fires a vertical line of energy projectiles from its head. It will stagger and damage the first Exemplar hit dealing moderate damage.This attack moves fairly slowly and is easily parried.
Typhoon Carronade Arkhaeocetes’ first named attack. Arkhaeocetes will flash red, and raise its head to reveal a cannon under its neck. After a delay, it will fire a fast-moving fireball that deals enough damage to potentially one-shot the first Exemplar hit.This attack takes a while to come out, but once it is fired, it moves very quickly. The timing is fairly awkward to grasp – however, parrying this attack is required to beat this boss. If parried, this attack will instantly put Break Arkhaeocetes, opening it up for a massive counterattack.
Leviathan RayArkhaeocetes’ second named attack. Arkhaeocetes opens its mouth to reveal a large laser cannon. After a brief delay, it will fire a piercing laser beam that hits every Exemplar in your party. This attack technically hits multiple times in rapid succession and can wipe out your entire party if it is not blocked.This attack needs to be at least blocked, or you will instantly lose. The timing can be tricky, but it is also fairly generous. You can block any of the hits this attack lands, so a late block can still deflect, or even parry, some of the damage. Unlike a typical projectile, this attack does not get reflected at Arkhaeocetes.
Ashdown GuardsArkhaeocetes summons with a Pitchfork Farmer, or a Shield Bearer.These minions need to be killed as quickly as possible. Arkhaeocetes can use this attack multiple times, which can lead to you being overwhelmed. More importantly, these minions will body block reflected projectiles, which will prevent you from killing Arkhaeocetes.
RoarArkhaeocetes will Roar between phases and deal large amounts of damage to your party.This attack can be blocked, but the timing is a bit tricky. It deals a lot of AOE damage if you miss the block, but you can simply use Rowena’s healing spell to offset this.
Mana SpringThis is less of an attack, but it is still tied to Arkhaeocetes. Occasionally, Arkhaeocetes will conjure a Mana Spring on your side of the battlefield.Simply stand on the Mana Spring to quickly restore your Mana.

Arkhaeocetes’ Mechanics

Arkhaeocetes has three major mechanics – rapidly regenerating BP, Typhoon Carronade, and three Phases. In each phase, Arkhaeocetes will regenerate its BP faster, with Phase Three essentially making Arkhaeocetes unkillable as you can’t deal enough damage to Break it. This is where Typhoon Carronade comes into play – this attack can instantly kill an Exemplar if it hits, but if you Perfect Parry it, it will Break Arkhaeocetes. If you can’t reflect this attack, you will not be able to win this fight.

Which Exemplars To Take?

At this point in the game, you don’t have access to many Exemplars. At a minimum, you will only have your hands on Zulfiqar, Aleister, Burgundy and either Jacquine or Solomon. Our choice of Exemplars would be Zulifqar, Aleister, and Jacquine (or Burgundy if you don’t have her).

This party gives you the tankiness of Zulifqar who can take a few hits for the team and still live, along with the raw DPS of Aleister and Jacquine. Jacquine is especially good as her Deathblow, Tidal Wave, is excellent at dealing both HP and BP damage.

Battle Strategy

Phase One

This is Arkhaeocetes’ easiest phase, naturally. You don’t need to deal with its Leviathan Ray, you don’t have to worry about its BP regeneration, and there won’t be too many minions being spawned in. In this phase, all you have to do is focus on dealing BP damage and deflecting his double-cannons.

Jacquine’s Tidal Wave, cast three times in quick succession, can half Arkhaeocetes’ BP, allowing you to very quickly burn through this phase. It should take two Breaks to end this phase.

Phase Two

Arkhaeocetes will open this phase with a Roar, so be prepared to Block and/or heal. This phase adds in Leviathan Ray, more minions, and Arkhaeocetes will float up and down slowly, making him untargettable depending on his current height. Not only that, but it's BP will regenerate much faster than in Phase One.

Despite all of this, you can still brute force Phase Two. Whilst Arkhaeocetes has impressive BP regeneration, with enough consistent damage (and a bit of timing) you can reliably Break it without having to rely on Typhoon Carronade. That being said, Typhoon Carronade is still an excellent way to get through this phase.

You will need to make sure you are killing all of Arkhaeocetes’ minions the moment they spawn in. You don’t want them body blocking, nor do you want one of them staggering your frontline and leaving your squishy backline open to attack.

As with Phase One, it will take two Breaks to end the phase.

Phase Three

This is where the fight will end – one way or another. Arkhaeocetes becomes more aggressive and will use his attack more often – including Ashdown Guards. His BP regeneration has also increased to a point where it may as well be instant. Because of this, the only way to get through this Phase is to Perfect Parry Typhoon Carronade.

For this to work, his minions must be dead otherwise they will block the reflected projectile. Focus all of your AP to achieve this the moment they spawn in – Mana too. Be wary of Leviathan Ray in this phase. If you are hit with this attack and you fail to block it, the fight will likely end forcing a full restart.

Phase Three is all about mastering Arkhaeocetes’ timings. Do that, and you will walk away victorious.

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