Fallen Legion Revenants – Arena Guide

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Fallen Legion Revenants has a pretty heavy focus on story and weaving a compelling narrative in a unique post-apocalyptic world dominated by sky fortresses, tyrants, and magical smoke. It’s easy to plod forward through each level, chapter, and arc, whilst missing out on some of the side content the game has to offer.

The Arena is one such activity that even has some narrative importance. The Arena allows players to take time away from the comings and goings of Welkin and enjoy a quick bout of violence without any strings. Not only that, but taking time to mess with this system has real, tangible rewards that can make your playthrough that much easier.

How To Unlock The Arena

The Arena is first mentioned in Chapter One and is tied to some of the politics that constantly ravage Welkin and its inhabitants. Regardless of what happens during Chapter One, however, the Arena is not unlocked until part-way through Chapter Three.

Lucien will get contacted by Magnus who will inform you that the Arena is up and running. He will also give you a brief run down as to what to expect but doesn’t go into much detail.

How To Find The Arena

The Arena can be accessed by going to the Garden whilst exploring Welkin. From here, you can talk to Magnus who will give you the option to enter the Arena. All you have to do is select your Exemplar, fiddle with their loadout, and you are good to go.

How The Arena Works

Imagine the Arena as a plot-free gauntlet of randomly generated challenges. The Area will pit Rowena and her Exemplars against four waves of enemies that comprise of foes you have previously bested. These will come in unique formations, providing new and interesting challenges.

Once you have completed the first four combats, the game will then throw you against one of the many bosses you have fought during the campaign. From what we could ascertain, these bosses will not include plot-related end-of-chapter bosses like Catherine, but will include enemies like Spriggan.

Rewards For Fighting In The Arena

Fighting enemies without progressing the plot and tackling bosses you have already defeated doesn’t sound like the most thrilling of endeavours – but that’s where the rewards come in. Your reward for engaging in the Arena, similar to completing a Story Mission, is new Archeus.

Not only that, the Archeus received from the Arena tends to be of much higher quality than those found in the wild. We noticed that we were much more likely to obtain maxed-out Archeus by completing the Arena, allowing us to upgrade our Exemplars and make them more powerful earlier than they otherwise would have been. A mighty fine reward indeed.

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