Fall Guys Is Finally Getting Doom Crossover Skins

Roughly a month ago, fans of Fall Guys began speculating that the popular battle royale title was going to be crossing over with the ever popular Doom franchise. It seems that wasn’t a baseless assumption as publisher Devolver Digital has revealed the skin to be true. In a new trailer released this morning, it has been confirmed that The Slayer will be entering the arena very soon along with a few “friends.”

How soon, you ask? January 12, 2021, to be precise. In addition to the now classic praetor suit, players will also be able to dress up as both the Tyrant and Cacodemon from Doom Eternal. If these skins sell well (and why wouldn’t they?), I’d love to see the rest of Doom’s cast get some representation here.

Sadly, the one caveat here is that these Doom skins will be available for a limited time only. That’s probably the only drawback here, because I have no problem with Fall Guys acting as an extended arm of video game marketing. Maybe it’s tacky that all of these different franchises are getting mashed together into some MXC like multiplayer title, but the art style is just so cute.

There’s no confirmed price on these skins, but I can’t imagine they’d be much more expensive than other currently available ones. It remains to be seen how long that limited window lasts, but you should probably act fast if you actually want them. I’m not exactly into Fall Guys enough to justify a purchase, but I’ll keep my eyes out for when the opportunity is about to close.

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