Fall Guys Fan Pesters Mediatonic For 165 Days, Gets Red Panda Suit Added On Valentine’s Day

Would you believe me if I told you that the key to getting your own costume into Fall Guys is to tweet at the official Fall Guys Twitter account for 165 days straight with new and interesting variations on the same request? Well, that’s apparently what @TinoTheDunce did in order to get Mediatonic to add a Fall Guys costume to the game. And they did it on Valentine’s Day to let ‘em know it was out of love, not capitulation.

Although, it was probably a bit of both.

Starting today, you can purchase the Red Panda costume in Fall Guys for 2,000 kudos (that’s 1,000 kudos for the top and 1,000 for the bottom). Mediatonic refers to this as a “Valentine’s Day gift” in their press release, but the truth is that this is really just a gift to one player since everyone else has to pay for it.

And that player is @TinoTheDunce, who spent 165 days requesting a Red Panda suit for Fall Guys. Mediatonic proved it by showing us a sampling of Tino’s requests over the past five-and-a-half months.

“Be the annoyance you want to see in the world,” wrote Tino in response. “If you don’t get what you want, you just weren’t obnoxious enough. Remember that kids.”

Devolver even put out a Love Actually tribute that has a dude hug a Fall Guy after they give him a red panda plushie. ‘Cause that’s love.

If you’re not into pandas but you’re more into runaway consumerism that’s destroying both the planet and the economy, Fall Guys has paired up with Amazon Prime to offer a free Slushie the polar bear costume to Prime subscribers. All you gotta do is link your account in-game and you’ll get the costume with no questions asked.

We might even get a Llama costume in Fall Guys pretty soon if the latest Fortnite leak is anything to go by. Stay tuned for a possible Fortnite/Fall Guys collab.

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