Fall Guys Devs Have Banned Over 2,000 "Bad Beans" For Cheating

In case you didn’t already know, Fall Guys is a crazy popular game right now. Of course, that means hackers and cheaters have to be there to ruin the fun for everyone. Mediatonic isn’t taking it laying down, though. Today, we’ve learned that more than 2,000 of those “bad beans” have had their accounts banned for using cheats that the devs have been tracking over time.

It wasn’t long after launch that some people decided that their fragile egos couldn’t handle continuously losing and chose to cheat. They chose to cheat in a game that is meant for fun. A game that even little kids can play and win. Usually, those cheats increased the speed of their bean, so that—even though they’re still terrible at the game—they could just run past everyone else. It’s amusing in some ways, seeing how far some people will go to convince themselves that they are good at something. In most cases, though, it’s really just sad, pathetic, and infuriating.

The devs didn’t mention specifically what these cheats that they’re tracking do—although, like we said, we can assume it makes beans faster or more stable most of the time—but, they did say that they would continue to ban accounts. The accounts were also retroactively banned for using cheats, meaning that the players weren’t actively cheating when they were banned. Clearly, using any cheat at any point in time will get your account banned.

It’s welcome news for the vast majority of us who like to play games as they were intended to be played. Any time cheaters are removed from a game, it’s cause for celebration. It’s also good news to know that the devs will be using the same anti-cheat software that another one of the biggest games in the world is using. That’s right, in case you missed it, Fall Guys will be using the same anti-cheat software that Fornite uses.

As we head into Season two of Fall Guys, things are sure to get more competitive. It’s really nice to know that the small team at Mediatonic is taking their hit game seriously and trying their best to make sure it stays fun and fair for everyone. We applaud their efforts to weed out cheaters and we hope that you weren’t tempted to try and improve your odds of winning. If you were, Big Yeetus’s ugly cousin “Ban Hammer” is coming for you.

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