Fall Guys Actually Is Getting A Mobile Version (In China)

Chinese gaming and entertainment company Bilibili—perhaps best known in the West for its streaming site—has just acquired the rights to publish Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout in China. The game will be mobile-only, making it the first confirmation of Fall Guys being developed for a platform besides PC and PlayStation 4.

Niko Partners’ Senior Analyst David Ahmad broke the story on his Twitter, along with a video showcasing Bilibili’s Fall Guys trailer. Considering that the game has sold over two million copies since launching on Steam earlier this month, it is no surprise that Fall Guys’ popularity has buoyed it to Chinese markets’. However, Ahmad’s noted that it’s quite interesting that Fall Guys has been picked up for a Chinese mobile adaptation before a Western one.

This announcement comes a few days after Fall Guys’ official Twitter made a point of noting that there’s no official mobile Fall Guys, and any advertisements for one are just scams. There has since been no word from the official Fall Guys or Mediatonic Twitter about Bilibili’s Chinese mobile release.

Bilibili will apparently be marketing the game as Jelly Bean: The Ultimate Knockout. As of now, almost 90,000 players have preregistered for the game. Bilibili has yet to announce an official release date for Jelly Bean, but expect that preregistration count to grow as word spreads.

The Chinese mobile gaming market has always existed in its own sphere. Quite a few games have received exclusive mobile releases in China, with only a handful of those subsequently enjoying a global release. This doesn’t bode well for Western Fall Guys fans eager to play on mobile. However, Fall Guys’ second season will be announced this coming week, and who knows what that might bring?

Mediatonic has expressed interest in bringing Fall Guys to other platforms and has even invited fans to reach out on Discord and Twitter about which new platforms they’d prefer to see Fall Guys out on first. While mobile may be a far off goal while Fall Guys has yet to hit Nintendo Switch or the Xbox One, it’s hard to believe that Devolver Digital and Mediatonic would overlook such a large market.

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