Every Sport In Nintendo Switch Sports, Ranked

When the Nintendo Wii began bringing joy to the faces of millions around the world in 2006, one game everyone was excited about was Wii Sports. The use of motion control was revolutionary, and people of all ages had fun swinging their controllers around wildly while bowling and playing golf, tennis, and baseball, among others. Three years later, Wii Sports Resort launched, and it brought about new sports that gamers could play.

Fast-forward over a decade, and a third installment, Nintendo Switch Sports, is now available for gamers and would-be athletes to swing their arms around once more and hopefully avoid breaking anything. At the moment, there are six games to play, and it looks like golf will be a part of the bundle before 2022 is out. But how do these games match up with each other?

6 Badminton

It might seem odd to include a game that, when converted to a video game, probably feels not all that different from tennis, which is a Sports staple. And if you think that, you might be right. For obvious reasons, the gameplay and mechanics are quite similar to tennis, but badminton is just one on one.

You'll have to make sure you get the timing right on your serves and smashes, and you're required to hold the ZR or ZL button to perform a drop shot. In short, it's very similar to tennis, but it lacks anything really new enough to get excited about it as an addition to the game.

5 Chambara

"Chambara" is sword fighting, and the Nintendo Switch's version is largely derived from the real-life Japanese martial art that is prominently featured in classic Samurai movies. While different from the swordplay game that was featured in Wii Sports Resort, it does have its similarities.

Although chambara has its charms in Nintendo Switch Sports, gamers who are a bit more serious about this kind of game may get more enjoyment out of it than casual players, most of whom will most likely just swing the joy-con around viciously and without any strategies.

4 Volleyball

Party games like Nintendo Switch Sports are best played with friends and family, and this is where volleyball shines. Volleyball isn't usually a one-on-one sport, so you'll be enjoying two-on-two action in this new addition. The game's intuitive controls feature motions for bumping, blocking, and spiking, and when you get four people in a room doing it together, it can be great fun.

Playing a two-on-two game also allows you and your teammate to work together and decide who's going to be the primary defender or attacker, and it requires you to coordinate with each other to make sure you're in sync enough to win the game. More than anything, volleyball presents a fun opportunity to bring a little teamwork to your gaming party.

3 Soccer

Finally! Nintendo presents the world with the golden opportunity to not only swing your arms but your legs, too! Yes, that's right: Nintendo Switch Sports's soccer game lets you strap your joy-con around your leg to kick your way to victory in a game that is both chaotic and fun.

While perhaps requiring more space in your gaming area to do so, the added benefit to strapping the controller around your leg is that it might actually stay on your person rather than fly off your leg and crash into your TV screen.

Allowing for either one versus one or four versus four (eight players in the room swinging their legs around!), there are different controls for kicking and for diving headers. Soccer on the Nintendo Switch is the sport as God intended.

2 Tennis

Did you enjoy playing tennis on the original Wii Sports? If so, then you'll be happy to know that tennis remains one of the best sports in the game. It's obviously going to be similar to badminton, but there are a few added twists.

In Nintendo Switch Sports, players can play two on two, which allows for more company and interaction. What's cool about tennis is that the motion controls allow you to play in the way that you want to play. So whether you want to lob the ball or deliver a backspin or topspin, the controls allow for that.

It's not that badminton isn't fun, but the controls in tennis are more in-depth, and that's all it needs to make it superior to its cousin.

1 Bowling

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Bowling was many players' favorite game in the original Wii Sports, and in many ways, it feels just as fresh in 2022 as it did in 2006. The game is as fun as ever, and the graphics have obviously been updated. And if you're looking for something a little less classic and a little more challenging, there's even a mode where you can bowl with obstacles in the lane.

Thankfully, the motion controls have only gotten better since the mid-2000s. Channel your inner Professional Bowling Association player and twist your wrist while bowling to hook the ball and send it exactly where you want to go!

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