Every Jak And Daxter Game Is 50% Off Right Now

If the $70 price tag is too steep for Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart or you haven’t managed to nab a PlayStation 5 just yet, fret not. Naughty Dog has you covered. All four main Jak and Daxter games are currently 50% off in Sony’s latest sale.

During the PlayStation 2 era, they were the sister series to Insomniac’s Ratchet & Clank, so it’s a fitting time to celebrate. However, the four games are not the PlayStation 3 HD ports, but rather the PlayStation 4 emulation of the originals, so you can dive into the fun on your latest hardware.

The complete bundle, including The Precursor Legacy, 2, 3, and X: Combat Racing, isn’t discounted. That still costs $39.99. However, individually, each costs $7.49. Together, that’s $29.96, so you’ll save $10.03 if you want to pick up each of them right now.

The first entry is a more family-friendly, colorful jaunt that sees Jak and Daxter in a fantastical land fighting back against the evil villains harnessing dark eco to create an army of monsters, garnering enhanced abilities in the process. You have to save the sages and restore light eco to the world.

In the second game, you’re hurled into the future where the series’ tone significantly shifts to something more teenager-oriented. The city that you peruse is dystopian and bleak, a 180 degree turn from its cheery and vibrant predecessor.

3 is a Mad Max-like entry with open sand dunes, makeshift cars, apocalyptic settlements, and even an arena. While X is a racer with gunfighting to boot. Currently, the Lost Frontier and Daxter aren’t available on PlayStation 4 so, unfortunately, the collection can’t be complete to its full extent, but the main, beloved bulk is there, and right now, you can get it for cheap.

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