Essential Tips To Help You Conquer Into The Breach

Fighting the intrusive Vek can be a tough challenge in Into The Breach. The crafty bugs are pervasive and stubborn adversaries that will stop at nothing to destroy humanity. As a result the player needs to similarly be clever in pushing back against their invasion.

The game is intentionally challenging and requires the player to often think outside the box to find solutions in order to survive. Having the right strategy is key and knowing what each Pilot and their Mech is capable of is important. Here are some general tips to get players started and help those already knee deep in Vek find a path to victory.

Use The Environment

The environment is a tool in and of itself. There are multiple hazards like volcanoes that can destroy anyone nearby, water is an ever-present obstacle, and mountains are geographic walls. Learning to utilize and exploit the units’ surroundings is key to victory.

Players should learn to lure Vek onto mines, shove enemies into water, and position units around Mountains to avoid incoming artillery fire. Using the environment in such a way is the key to winning a battle when outnumbered and outgunned.

Treat HP Like A Renewable Resource

It’s only natural for players to want to protect their prized Pilots and the Mechs they ride in. But the reality is that HP is an expendable and renewable resource when fighting the alien bugs. Learning to sacrifice a bit of HP now and then can provide tremendous combat advantages.

Players can use spongier Mechs to protect buildings, can knowingly walk into incoming barrages to protect near death allies, and walk through certain hazards to get better positioning. The player shouldn’t ever waste HP but knowing when to spend it is critical.

Nudge Allies Around With Attacks

One example of how to use HP for combat advantage is knowing firing upon enemies to move them around. Players can knockback their own units with carefully timed explosions and moves to better position them.

It feels strange at first to attack ally units to move them more efficiently, but it works wonders. Dealing a little damage to prevent them from receiving more damage is always a good trade. Even getting them closer to an ideal vantage point can be wroth the chunk of HP.

Killing Is Better Than Spawn Blocking

Standing over a spawn point is a great way to prevent reinforcements from arriving and swarming the map. But in reality it’s merely trading one problem for another that could be more harmful.

While the player’s unit is standing idly in one spot the enemy is gaining better positioning and attacking allies. Ultimately, it’s far more important to deal with the threats on the board than prevent new ones from arriving.

Synergize Attacks

Learning to synergize attacks and various abilities can go a long way to getting more done in fewer turns. For instance, some Mechs can place smoke while others can turn smoke into a deadly weapon for Vek. Pairing these two Mechs together in fights is a great strategy.

In fact every Mech in the game has at least one other they can pair with to achieve better results in combat. A key to long term victory is finding out which Mech’s compliment each other and building squads around those synergies.

The Power Grid Is The Priority

A major thing to remember is that above all else, the Powergrid is the priority. When it comes down to it Mechs and even their Pilots are expendable.

That’s not to say players should needlessly risk their lives or sacrifice a Mech without reason. After all the player will need standing Mechs and living pilots to keep the Power Grid intact. But if protecting the Power Grid means strategically placing a Mech and their pilot in the line of fire, it’s a rather simple choice.

Play Aggressive Defense

Many players forget that the point of each round is to survive and run out the clock. Instead of playing offense the player should be prioritizing defense. More importantly they should be aggressively defensive.

Instead of trying to wipe the map of enemies they should focus on the enemies that pose the greatest threat. If there’s a chance to take out a foe or protect the Powergrid, the defensive option trumps the offensive one. That’s not to say offense doesn’t have its place and enemy lives shouldn’t be taken, merely that the objective of surviving is paramount above everything else.

Prioritize Crowd Control Over Attack

Expanding on the philosophy of aggressive defense, the player should prioritize crowd control over attack potential. Being able to manipulate the actions of multiple opponents is far more effective than taking a single unit out.

Obviously kills should happen when the circumstance calls for it. But because the priority is to survive long enough to win its better to disrupt barrages, nudge enemies out of the way, and dictate the overall battle than win the smaller unit-based skirmishes.

Use The Power Cores

Power Cores are a major source of power and can dramatically improve the weapon’s they’re tied to. As a result many players will hang onto them waiting for that powerful gun to come along. Ultimately this is a mistake.

The Power Cores aren’t going anywhere. Rather than have them sit idly in a player’s inventory they should be slaved to a Mech’s HP or movement abilities to gain an immediate advantage. Then when the powerful gun comes along they can be reutilized.

Reputation Is More Valuable

Reputation is easily the most important resource in the game. When the player has an option of what reward to pursue the priority should be given to Reputation with only a few exceptions.

Reputation can be used to buy better weapons, Power Cores, and can even be spent on the Power Grid. It’s far more versatile than other rewards and can be stockpiled more effectively. Power Cores are valuable, but increase the difficulty of the game and the player should have a nearly maxed out Power Grid if properly defending it. As a result Reputation is the lifeblood of the player’s war efforts.

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