Elden Ring’s Crumbling Farum Azula Recreated In Halo Infinite’s Forge

Master Chief would probably be a little overpowered for the Lands Between. Regenerating shields aren’t something that Elden Ring monsters were designed to deal with. Or guns. Or grappling hooks. Or dual high-explosive rockets, or really anything that makes Master Chief such an effective soldier.

But what if you could journey to the Lands Between while fighting other Spartans? Well, now you can courtesy of Halo Infinite’s Forge mode. Blupe Vave has recreated Elden Ring’s Crumbling Farum Azula so meticulously that you’ll find yourself dodge-rolling beastmen blades even though there aren’t any.

It’s not an exact recreation of Farum Azula. Blupe Vave has taken recognizable elements of the crumbling city in the sky and rearranged them in such a way as to make it more effective as a Halo Infinite multiplayer arena. Still, the architecture is very much Farum Azula. There’s an ancient cathedral where the Tarnished would normally fight beastmen and then an open square where there would be a waiting Crucible Knight. Rebs Gaming’s video is just a solo endeavor, but you can download the map and try it out yourself with some friends here.

Want another fantastic Forge Mode map? This one originally got banned for having too much weed paraphernalia, but mapmaker Loaf Lord was able to get the ban rescinded and his maps reinstated after modifying them to have fewer bongs. Turns out Loaf Lord was just accurately recreating his bedroom, and as a giant stoner, he had a lot of weed stuff lying around. Can't blame the guy for going for accuracy, but you can blame 343 Industries for not explicitly outlining what is appropriate for the Forge.

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