Elden Ring Player Tricks Invader By Pretending To Be An NPC

An Elden Ring clip showing a player pretending to be an NPC to trick an invader into leaving has gone viral.

For those of you who haven't played a FromSoft game before, many of them feature multiplayer gameplay through cooperative play and invasions. Invasions are where another player takes a red ghostly form and invades your world to try and kill you and steal your runes

It's a pretty beloved staple of FromSoft's games and, although most of them are solved simply by going toe-to-toe with the invader, players are finding increasingly cleverer ways to get past invasions altogether, with one player even pretending to be an NPC long enough to cause the other player to leave.

The clip appeared on the Elden Ring subreddit from Redditor xdc_lis, who is shown wearing the same set of armour as the torch enemies that can be found patrolling the forests near the Church of Elleh. They then take out a torch, kill one of the enemies, and take their place by following the same route they did.

After this, they then use the Taunter's Tongue to summon an invading player, before walking slowly up and down the forest path and looking almost exactly like the early-game torch enemy he's impersonating.

The video is sped up to save time, but the player continues to walk up and down the forest path without doing anything else and it works so well that the invading player can be seen walking right up next to them and running away, clearly not realising that their opponent is right in front of them.

As you can probably guess, the invading player gets sick of looking around for another player and ends up leaving altogether. It's a very clever way of dealing with invaders and is even more impressive when you consider that Elden Ring actually has items that let you pretend to be other enemies, and yet this player can do it with an outfit, a torch, and a strong stride.

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