Elden Ring: How To Find Ghiza’s Wheel

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The wide array of options Elden Ring offers players in terms of armor, items, talismans, and weapons makes it difficult to decide what objects you should use. At the end of the day, what works best for each player will change depending on your approach or the character build you choose to go with.

Searching for that perfect item that will be a complete game-changer during boss fights means trying a bunch of different weapons until you find one that works for you. This search can be incredibly fun, especially when the weapon looks like a giant pizza cutter, which is exactly the case for Ghiza's Wheel. This guide will show you how to find Ghiza's Wheel, what it is, and how to use the weapon.

What Is Ghiza's Wheel

Ghiza's Wheel is a weapon available in Elden Ring. Visually it can be best described as a giant spinning saw that looks remarkably similar to Bloodborne's Whirligig Saw. This should come as no surprise when you realize that Elden Ring has a few Easter eggs scattered all over the game.

Considering the size of this weapon, it requires you to have 28 Strength and 18 Dexterity to wield it. Of course, this means it is a heavier weapon to use, so your swings will be kind of slow, but think about the amount of damage you can do with this thing. Plus, this weapon causes Blood Loss over time, which will come useful when you have to deal with enemies that have a good amount of health.

However, if you're still not sure about going through all the trouble to get Ghiza's Wheel, consider this item weapon's skill: Spinning Wheel. With Spinning Wheel, the wheel in this weapon starts, you guessed it, spinning, dealing damage, and allowing you to walk around while moving into enemies.

Ghiza's Wheel Stats And Info

If you want to learn a little more about Ghiza's Wheel, below you'll find a table with useful information about the weapon:

Weapon TypeColossal Weapon
Weapon SkillSpinning Wheel
Item DescriptionGreat iron wheel lined with flesh-flaying blades. Device of torture used by Inquisitor Ghiza. As the wheel spins it causes severe pain and blood loss. The design was adopted for use as the iconic weapon wielded by Iron Virgins.
Requirements28 STR and 18 DEX
Damage156 PHY and 100 CRIT
Damage TypeStandard

Going To Volcano Manor

Before you can get your hands on Ghiza's Wheel, you will have first to find a way to get to Volcano Manor, a Legacy Dungeon in Elden Ring.

There are multiple ways to get there, sure, you can just walk until you get to Volcano Manor, but that'll take some time to do, especially if you're still hanging around in Elden Ring's starting zone. Alternatively, you could head over to Mt.Gelmit (located to the west of Altus Plateau) and climb up until you reach the area. However, this route is full of powerful enemies capable of destroying low-level Tarnished, and there's also the fact you might run into the Falling Star Beast that lives at the top of Mt.Gelmir.

To avoid getting into too much trouble, you can get purposefully get kidnapped by the Abductor Virgin and be taken into the Volcano Manor basement. If you decide to do this, you'll have to fight the said Abductor Virgins to get out of the basement.

If you want to get abducted by this enemy, make sure he kills you with the attack where he tries to trap you inside its body.

For this abduction to happen, you need to have access to the Raya Lucaria Academy and let yourself be killed by the Abductor Virgin located at the bottom of the academy.

Finally, you can also meet a woman named Rya while exploring the Liurnia of the Lakes area (near the Bird's Eye Telescope). Speak to her to start a quest where you need to retrieve a necklace someone stole from her.

After giving her the necklace, Rya will reward you with an invitation to Volcano Manor. Afterward, you will be able to encounter her again either at Lux Ruins or at the top of the Grand Lift of Dectus, where she'll offer to teleport you inside Volcano Manor.

How To Find Ghiza's Wheel

Once you get inside the manor, you can spend your time doing extra activities, like exploring around or completing assassination quests. However, if you're after Ghiza's Wheel, you need to head over to the upper floor of Volcano Manor and into the dining hall room. There walk to the end of the room, towards the windows, where you will find Inquisitor Ghiza, an enemy invader and the original owner of Ghiza's Wheel. Kill the enemy, and the weapon will be yours.

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