Elden Ring: All Summons In The Starscourge Radahn Fight, Ranked

In Elden Ring, Starscourge Radahn is one of the greatest challenges the Tarnished will have to overcome. With Gravity spells that allow him to deal damage from range, and two colossal machetes to engage the player up close, going toe to toe with this Demigod — who literally halted the movement of the stars — can seem overwhelming.

Luckily, there are a total of eight possible NPCs you can summon for help in the Radahn boss fight. However, only five can be on the field at a time, which means you have some important decisions to make. This list will outline who is available for summoning, their niches, and who can best serve you in this difficult fight.

8 Patches

First on our list comes the infuriatingly lovable Patches. If you choose to spare his life in Murkwater Cave, Patches not only becomes a vendor but a fairweather friend. If he is still alive when you get to Radahn, he can be summoned for this boss fight.

We here at TheGamer cannot stress to you enough how important it is not to summon Patches. He lives up to his cowardly characterization and will use this chance to backstab you like always. As soon as he enters the boss arena he takes a few seconds to get a lay of the land… and immediately leaves. You read that right: He leaves the boss battle because he is so scared of Radahn.

7 Okina

Okina is always available for summon in this fight, and is a fairly decent summon. He wields a katana, though he will occasionally pull out a bow to engage Radahn from range. It also seems that Okina has the Bloody Slash Ash of War on his katana. Though he will almost never proc Bloodloss himself, it can be helpful if the player has a bleed build.

Okina is a great summon to take threat away from the player. Due to his aggressive fighting style, coupled with the fast nature of his attacks, he often gets the attention of Radahn, giving the player valuable time to heal or set up power attacks. All that said, Okina has barely any health and will inevitably die very soon after he is summoned.

6 Lionel The Lionhearted

Lionel The Lionhearted seems to be modeled after the Knights of Catarina from the Dark Souls franchise. However, you will find that Lionel does not possess nearly the durability of the famous Onion Knights.

Primarily, Lionel uses a heavy thrusting sword in combat. He will also (though very rarely) use the Rancorcall Spell against Radahn. He pulls very little threat, and is about as durable as Okina, despite his heavy armor. Lionel mostly has a niche in protecting some of the more powerful summons from taking damage.

5 Great Horned Tragoth

Tragoth wields a fearsome-looking Greathammer. This weapon is good foreshadowing for the kind of ally Tragoth will be in battle. He is incredibly aggressive in his attack style, constantly looking to get down and dirty with the Demigod.

The only drawback to Tragoth is his summoning speed. To be more specific, Tragoth is the only NPC in this fight who will perform a gesture upon being summoned. This means that he is always the last NPC to actually engage Radahn. Make sure to stall Radahn long enough for Tragoth to get into the fray.

4 Castellan Jerren

Castellan Jerren is a rather lackluster summon for this fight. He seems to only fight with a straight sword and has a fairly aggressive fighting style. Additionally, his summon sign only appears during the second phase of the fight.

The reason this NPC makes it so high on the list is that he actually sports very high HP. It seems that he has much more health than either Lionel or Okina, though not as much as some later entries on this list. He is an easy upgrade over either of the previously mentioned NPCs, so if one of them dies in phase one, look out for Jerren to step in for phase two.

3 Finger Maiden Therolina

Finger Maiden Therolina can be viewed as the worst or the best this fight has to offer. But, we find her to be one of the most utilitarian summons, so we have opted to put her high on the list.

That said, this NPC almost never engages in combat. Instead, Therolina tries to stay on the fringes of battle and attempts to heal the player with a Great Heal Miracle if she senses that they're in trouble. All the other summons on this list will be constantly pulling threat and dealing damage. So, using one summon slot for what is essentially free Flask charges can be invaluable in a marathon fight like this.

2 Alexander the Warrior Jar

Should you save the bumbling jar-man from his many plights up until this point in the game, he will appear as a summon for this fight. Alexander is a sight to behold on the battlefield. He has a very aggressive fighting style and almost exclusively attacks with charged strength attacks. He also boasts the second-highest HP for NPCs in this fight.

The only drawback to Summoning Alexander is that he can only be summoned once per attempt. After he is killed, his summon sign does not refresh after a few seconds like all the other NPCs on this list.

1 Blaidd the Half-Wolf

Following the questline of Ranni the Witch will allow the player to call upon the help of Blaidd the Half-Wolf. Blaidd is the pinnacle NPC for this fight. He is aggressive, can take many hits before dying, and deals the most damage out of any other NPC available for the fight.

Blaidd has so much health, in fact, that he will almost always make it all the way to the end of the fight without dying. No other NPC even comes close to his survivability in this encounter. If you need a companion for this fight, look no further than Blaidd.

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