Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising – How To Unlock The Tavern

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The Tavern is the first building you will have available in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. This will be your recurrent place to craft or purchase items that restore your health points, among other unique effects. These items are dishes of different shapes and forms.

However, before grabbing a tasty sandwich and other meals, you’ll have to build this place. During one of the main quests, you’ll be tasked with this construction by the owner. Let’s go over everything you need to know in order to unlock the Tavern.

How To Build The Tavern

At the beginning of Main Quest 4: The Cost of Good Manners, you’ll speak with Isha and Gocteau about the town. They will ask you to meet Sarita and Rajiv, the owners of the Tavern and the Inn, which need help in fixing these buildings. A new area in New Nevaeh called Outlander Land will be unlocked.

Remember that you can always fast travel from any area of the city to the other by just using the map menu.

Move to the right and the entrance to this new area will be there. Use it and you’ll meet Sarita right away. She’ll be angry because the Tavern isn’t open yet, and she can’t open it until she has the resources necessary to do so. That’s why Sarita will ask you to gather 1 Lightweight Lumber in the Great Forest.

While progressing through this quest, you’ll also be advancing forward unlocking the Inn, another important building and location in the game. Before going to the Great Forest, you’ll have to speak with Rajiv, who’s just at the end of Outlander Lane.

First of all, fast travel to the forest entry. Then, you can fast travel again to the Signpost in the cave or the one before the Hollow Plant boss. If you do the former, you’ll have to move to the right until you exit the cave. If you chose the latter, you’ll have to go to the left until you reach what you need.

You’ll lose EXP points and resources if you decide to skip areas.

The Lightweight Lumber will be on the ground, shining in purple near an ogre. This enemy only attacks with one attack and it takes its sweet time to charge it and swing. You can use your Quick Step ability to move to the ogre’s back and deal some safe damage.

You’ll be able to gather Lightweight Lumber by cutting down trees later in the game. To do this, you’ll need to upgrade your axe.

When you have the item, you’ll have to advance a bit more to the right until you find the other resource that the innkeeper asked you about. Once you have both, return to Sarita and give her the lumber. She’ll give you a stamp and build the Tavern.

The Tavern Items

Below you can find a table with the initial items you can find and purchase at the Tavern.

Item NameEffectCrafting Resources
Rolled Omelet
  • Recover HP + 500
  • Max HP +5
  • 1 Wild Bird Egg
  • 3 Sugar
  • 75 Baqua
Baked Fish with Herbs
  • Recover HP + 500
  • Attack Power +0.2
  • 3 Fish
  • 1 Herbs
  • 75 Baqua
Wild-Game Steak
  • Recover HP + 500
  • Physical Defense Power +0.2
  • 1 Meat
  • 1 Nuts
  • 75 Baqua
Sylvan Salad
  • Recover HP + 500
  • Magic Defense Power 0.2
  • 1 Herbs
  • 3 Savorcap
  • 75 Baqua
  • Recover HP + 500
  • Luck 0.2
  • 1 Wheat
  • 1 Wild Bird Egg
  • 75 Baqua
Mushroom Soup
  • Recover HP + 500
  • Critical Hit Rate +0.1 %
  • 3 Savorcap
  • 3 Salt
  • 75 Baqua

How To Level Up The Tavern

As with every other building in New Nevaeh, the Tavern can be upgraded and offer your items for your journeys. To do so, you’ll need to complete future Shop Quests for Sarita.

Always check your Bulletin Board to know which quests are available in the town, but also go to Sarita to see if there’s anything new.

For example, the next quest will be available around Main Quest 11: Trouble in the Quarry, and you’ll have to recover a recipe that a Gargoyle took from Sarita in the cave of the Great Forest.

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