Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising – How To Unlock The Pasturage

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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a game designed to gently introduce the universe of Rabbit & Bear Studio's primary project, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. Eiyuden, in general, is being billed as a spiritual successor to Konami's long-dormant Suikoden series. The comparably chill vibe and lighthearted nature of Rising, relative to Hundred Heroes, still manages to successfully riff one of Suikoden's most beloved aspects: town-building.

And what a town New Nevaeh can become, so long as intrepid adventurer CJ and pals do their best to revive it after a string of earthquakes devastate the land. You've got your inn, your tavern, your equipment shops, your farm… and directly adjacent to the farm, your Pasturage. Check out what's necessary to unlock Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising's lovely little meat-and-dairy marketplace.

How to Build the Pasturage

After completing the 'On the Other Side…' main quest, New Nevaeh's farm is officially back in business. It's cause to celebrate, but a quick detour to the pasturage (which can be accessed almost as soon as your arrival at the farm) will ensure your efforts are rewarded two-for-one.

Have a chat with Urmila and CJ will learn that all her cows have up and left the pasture. Thankfully, the game isn't about to task you with finding those cows. Instead, she'll have CJ and Garoo go grab six Lumber from the Great Forest.

At this point, you're probably intimately familiar with a vast swath of the Great Forest. You'll find this key item at every breakable tree, and you can't have progressed to this point in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising without the ability to break those trees in the first place.

Return to Urmila with the Lumber. For your efforts, you'll receive 500 Experience Points, 500 Baqua, a Stamp (natch), and of course, the Pasturage will now be available.

The Pasturage Items and How to Level Up the Pasturage

In the beginning, Urmila isn't exactly going to make you swoon with her selection of purchasable items. As you can see in the screenshot above, your choices are milk… and yep, that's a wrap.

Ham, eggs, cheese, and other meat and dairy products will gradually pop up throughout the game. The catch? Like the majority of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising's content, you're going to need to complete sidequests in order to unlock it.

Periodically, Urmila will require assistance in one form or another. Inevitably, resources will need to be gathered. CJ, ever eager for more stamps, won't seem to mind one bit. Keep swinging by, and be sure to speak with other villagers throughout New Nevaeh as well. You never know when something that starts on the far end of town can wind up impacting its furthest reaches in the opposite direction, the pasturage included.

What's the point of it all, anyway? Why is the pasturage so important in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising? Simply put, the town needs a source of foodstuffs, so that tavern can host an ever-widening assortment of temporary stat-boosting meals. These meals, with ingredients brought in large part from the farm and pasturage, can make a sizable difference between struggle and success, especially in latter boss battles. Don't underestimate the power of good grub.

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