Edge Of Eternity: Where To Find The First Ten Crystal Fruits In Herelsor Plains

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There are plenty of side quests to explore in Edge Of Eternity. For instance, the Hunting Board offers plenty of battle tasks. Furthermore, various NPCs throughout the game will give Daryon and his party new quests to pursue. However, one of the most challenging side quests in the game is the Crystal Hunter quest.

The objective of the Crystal Hunter quest is to find glowing, jewel-like plants called Crystal Fruit and deliver them to a local sorcerer. Doing so offers fantastic bonuses and may also unveil the mystery behind these fruit in the first place. Curious to know more? Keep reading, and we'll tell you where you can find your first batch of crystal fruit!

What Are Crystal Fruits?

Crystal fruits are a somewhat mysterious plant in Edge Of Eternity. We know so far from the sorcerer, Grant, that they are a crystalline mushroom-looking fruit that keeps popping up all over Herelsor and possibly all of Heryon.

Grant recruits Daryon and Selene to gather as many crystal fruits as possible so he can study them and discover their true nature. He offers to reward the party for every ten fruits they deliver to him as compensation. Furthermore, he believes he will conclude his research after studying at least 100 of them.

Where Can You Find The First Ten Crystal Fruits?

While Grant describes the crystal fruits as a rarity, they are straightforward to find as long as you do your diligence. The Crystal Hunter quest requires you to take your time and explore every nook and cranny of the surrounding landscape. In short, you'll need a lot of patience.

Luckily, you'll know you've found a crystal fruit once you've passed it. These remarkable plants are rather bulbous, translucent, and radiant. Once you interact with the plant, its leaves will open, and you will receive the inner fruit.

However, if you're ever stumped, here's a breakdown of where you'll find each crystal fruit. The order of this table follows the order we found them through Herelsor Plain on our way to the Marsh of Alasea.

Location DescriptionLocation ImageMap Pinpoint (indicated by the orange arrow)
Crystal Fruit #1The first crystal fruit is behind the inn in the small village where you met Grant. Plus, it's also right near a save point.
Crystal Fruit #2When you talk to the older man who tasks you with the Chest Training quest, explore around the area. The second crystal fruit is behind a closeby tree.
Crystal Fruit #3The third fruit is also near a quest-giving NPC. This crystal fruit is near the giant boulder hill where you met Shunshela.
Crystal Fruit #4The fourth crystal fruit is near another rock formation not too far from the third fruit. You'll notice that it is closer to the ruins.
Crystal Fruit #5The fifth crystal fruit is inside the ruins. Look for a decimated room containing a tree with purple leaves. Hidden in the corner of this subsection lies the fruit.
Crystal Fruit #6Near the ruins, a farmhouse is in better shape than the surrounding architecture. Next to the wagon parked behind the farmhouse, you'll find the sixth crystal fruit.
Crystal Fruit #7A little further from the ruins, there is an annihilated cottage. In this rubble, you'll find the seventh crystal fruit.
Crystal Fruit #8As you leave the ruins, you'll find a tall, slender rock emanating bright blue stripes. The eighth crystal fruit is next to that rock.
Crystal Fruit #9Right across from the tall rock is a stout, mossy rock. The ninth crystal fruit is right next to it.
Crystal Fruit #10The tenth crystal fruit is inside the tabernacle up ahead. When you walk inside, it will be on your left.

How Can I Keep Track Of My Crystal Fruit?

Like any other objects you scavenge, the crystal fruits you find in the game are in your party's inventory. However, although they have "crystal" in the name, you won't find them in the crystal section of the menu. That is because crystal fruits are considered a Key Object and kept in a separate section of your inventory.

You can find the Key Object section of the inventory in a menu tab between the Crystal and Consumable sections. Furthermore, a number in the corner of the thumbnail image of the item will tell you how many crystal fruits are in your possession.

What Is The Reward For Getting The First Ten Crystal Fruits?

After delivering the first ten crystal fruits to Grant, you'll receive new armor for Daryon. This new armor is called Heaven's Pillar. The armor's stat boosts are as follows:

  • +3 Attack
  • +2 Defense
  • +2 Haste
  • +3 Speed

Furthermore, you'll want to continue collecting crystal fruits as you progress through the campaign. Finding all 100 fruits rewards 1,000 Hyer and 100,000 XP!

Achievement Alert!

Crystal Fruits 1 – Clear 1st Crystal Hunter task for Grant.

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