Early Footage Of Dan In Street Fighter 5 Reveals The Super Taunt

It’s a rare thing to want an absolutely terrible character to be added as DLC to a fighting game, but Capcom clearly knows its fans. After revealing four of the planned five characters for Street Fighter 5’s surprise fifth season back in August, fans were elated to learn that Saikyo master Dan Hibiki had made the cut. Notorious for being a joke at the expense of SNK’s Ryo Sakazaki from Art of Fighting, Dan has climbed his way into the hearts of fans across the globe.

With some time having passed since then, Capcom has been working at perfecting Dan in Street Fighter 5 and the results are magical. He looks completely awful…and I love it! While it’s actually surprising to see him get a projectile that crosses half the screen and even a decent looking combo, his animations are what does it. I love how his front throw is Dan failing at a back throw. Brilliant.

More important than any of that, this trailer confirms that Dan will retain his Super Taunt. For those unfamiliar with Street Fighter, players can build up a super meter that allows them to unleash a devastating move or series of blows with the correct input. Being that Dan is something of a blowhard, his super is just repeatedly taunting the opponent while wasting meter.

I don’t expect that to be Dan’s only super, but it’s wonderful that Capcom is going to the lengths to make Dan as authentic as possible. It just wouldn’t be Dan Hibiki without these details and they’re taken to the extreme this time.

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