EA promise ‘exciting remasters of fan favourites’ – Mass Effect and Dead Space?

Fans could finally see the return of Dead Space, at least as a remaster, as EA also confirm there’ll be no Battlefield 6 next year.

EA latest financial results have just come in and they’re good enough that the company has been willing to give some unusually straightforward hints about its future plans, including multiple remasters.

Since their bread and butter is yearly sports games, and the almost equally iterative Battlefield, EA don’t usually go in for remasters, but it seems that the already announced Command & Conquer isn’t a one-off.

Even so, there’s a relatively narrow list of games they could bring back, but Mass Effect seems an obvious one – since fans have been calling for a remaster trilogy for years.

Sci-fi survival Dead Space also seems a likely one, given how much fans have called for its return.

Anything else is harder to guess at, but Burnout or Need For Speed could be on the menu, along with perhaps the original Mirror’s Edge, SSX, Skate, and one or more Dragon Age games.

Battlefield: Bad Company 1 and/or 2 is also a possibility, especially if, as fan theories suggest, Bad Company 3 is the next game in the series.

Whatever the next Battlefield is though it won’t be out until EA’s 2022 financial year, i.e. somewhere between April 2021 and the end of March 2022.

That’s a long wait, but it’s no doubt due to wanting to give things a rest after the disappointing response to Battlefield V and that game’s ongoing plans for new content.

In terms of other future plans EA mentioned their Medal Of Honor VR game, two new unannounced EA Partners (i.e. indie) titles, and adding a new sports title to their annual schedule.

What that sports title could be is a mystery, but some fans at least will be hoping for the return of Fight Night and/or Skate. Although neither seem like they would support yearly sequels.

EA’s other big plan is to double down on live service games, as the microtransactions from games like FIFA and Madden NFL continue to account for the majority of their profits. Although at least they’ve remembered that they did used to make other games as well.

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