EA Originals Announces Three More Titles, Including Another From A Way Out Developer

Electronic Arts is continuing its commitment to indie games via its EA Originals label, which has already put out the successful A Way Out, Fe, and the Unravel titles, with three more games on consoles and PC.

Although specific dates have not been given for the titles, some details are available.

The next game from Zoink Games (developer of Fe) is an action fantasy adventure entitled Lost in Random set in a dark world in which, as the title suggests, the player explores the concept of chance.

RustHeart is a co-op action RPG from mobile developer Glowmade (WonderWorlds) featuring a handmade robot buddy and the joys of creation.

Finally, EA Originals is also publishing the awaited next title from A Way Out developer Hazelight, which at this time is billed as a “completely new title,” so that seems to indicate a new IP. However, in the spirit of A Way Out, working together with a partner is still a focus.

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