EA Access launches on PS4 this July

After years of claiming that it does not offer ‘good value’ Sony is finally allowing EA’s subscription service onto PlayStation 4.

EA get accused of a lot of things by fans but the one thing almost everyone agrees on is that EA Access is surprisingly good value for money.

Which makes it highly ironic that for the last five years Sony has refused to allow it on PlayStation 4 and the service has only existed on Xbox One (alongside PC equivalent Origin Access).

The only explanation Sony has ever offered is that they don’t consider it ‘good value’ and that they don’t want their customers to be ripped off. As obviously untrue as that is the real reason has never been clear.

The best guess is that Sony and EA couldn’t come to an agreement over money and/or Sony were concerned that EA Access conflicted too much with PlayStation Now and their other services.

Whatever the reason was we’re even less likely to find out now, and instead you can enjoy playing a catalogue of EA’s existing titles, and 10 hours of early access to new games, for just £3.99 a month or £19.99 a year.

That’s the same as the Xbox One, although the implication is you’ll have to buy a separate subscription for both.

EA Access was something of a trailblazer for console subscription services, since it predates the equally well-received Xbox Game Pass.

Whether Sony will attempt to offer something similar in the next gen is unclear, but PlayStation Now is close enough that they’ll probably just go with an expansion of that.


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