E3 2020 Is Still Guaranteed To Have At Least One Ridiculous Press Conference

E3 2020 is undergoing some changes this year, but one thing is staying the same. Devolver, the boutique games publisher behind quirky and irreverent titles like Genital Jousting and Hotline Miami, has confirmed that it will return to E3 this year, at least in its own way.

Devolver is known to unofficially attend E3 by hosting events of its own outside of the convention hall and without the official support of the show. This has led to some level of controversy between Devolver and the Entertainment Software Association, which is the group that organizes E3.

In addition to this, Devolver is known for its completely absurd “Big Fancy Press Conferences,” which are pre-taped and have recently featured the actress Mahria Zook in a role where she pretends to be a video game executive and goes about mocking various industry trends and topics.

Devolver has only published the one tweet confirming its presence at E3 2020, so we don’t know yet what the company’s specific plans are for the show. Here’s to hoping the “Big Fancy Press Conference” comes back for a 2020 edition.

Devolver is among the first games companies to confirm their presence at E3. Before this, Limited Run Games announced it will hold its own press conference, while Microsoft will be back to talk more about Halo Infinite and the Xbox Series X (among other things). Nintendo has also confirmed it will be at E3 2020, likely with another Nintendo Direct press conference. For a second straight year, Sony won’t attend E3, as it plans to showcase the PS5 and its upcoming games at other events throughout the year.

In other E3 news, host Geoff Keighley has announced he won’t be returning to produce the E3 Coliseum event this year, due in part to his concerns about the direction of the show. As announced previously, E3 2020 plans to “shake up” the event’s formula, offering new attendee attractions, stage experiences, experiential zones, and more that will “delight the senses.”

The E3 2020 show floor is open June 9-11, 2020, with press conferences scheduled to begin the weekend prior.

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