Dusk Diver 2 – How To Complete Ai’s Trouble 2 Sub Quest

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Dusk Diver 2 has around about 100 Sub Quests to find, resolve, complete, and conquer. These are often incredibly simple side missions that can be completed without much thought, however, there are some Sub Quests that throw that rule to the wind. Your friend Ai, for example, has an issue that falls into this category.

Ai, like many characters in Dusk Diver 2, is a recurring character who has a string of Sub Quests dedicated to her. They all fall under “Ai’s Trouble”, and the second request, “Ai’s Trouble 2” may cause a bit of confusion. How it is set up and delivered is a little bit devious and requires some slight sleuthing to solve.

How To Start Ai’s Trouble 2

New Sub Quests will spawn at the start of every Chapter. Provided you have previously completed Ai’s Trouble, then Ai will once again spawn at the southeastern side of Ximending during Chapter Three. Simply talk to Ai, and she will tell you she wants to give Chinese manga a go, and she wants you to go find one.

Where To Find The Chinese Manga For Ai?

This quest isn’t difficult, it’s simply not as cut and dry as every other quest up until this point. The Chinese manga you are looking for is not marked on your map.

If you check your Quest Log, there is a clue:

Ai wants to buy a Chinese version of a manga, but she doesn’t know where to buy one, so she asks Yumo for help. Wouldn’t Animate be the place for this?

To find it, you need to go to the northeastern side of Ximending and enter the transition point that takes you to Animate.

Once you are in the store, talk to the shopkeeper and buy “Bunlpa The Origin Vol.1”. Nowhere does it say this is a Chinese manga, but this is the manga you are looking for.

Completing Ai’s Trouble

Once you have Bunpla The Origin Vol.1 in your possession, head back to Ai (south-east Ximending), and hand it over. After a short conversation, the quest will end and you will receive your usual underwhelming Sub Quest reward.

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