DriveClub Likely Won’t Get PS5 Enhancements

If you were holding out hope that Sony would provide some kind of PS5 update to DriveClub, then you better jump into your Ferrari and race after it. On Twitter this morning, director Paul Rustchynsky reluctantly dashed the hopes of DriveClub’s loyal fanbase by saying that it is incredibly unlikely for the PS4 exclusive racer to get any kind of remaster or enhancement.

“There will be no meaningful upgrades as is,” explained Rustchynsky. “The frame rate is capped at 30fps & the resolution at 1080p. Even the loading times were already amazing.” As for any kind of sequel, Rustchynsky doesn’t see hope for that either. Sony has seemingly moved on from DriveClub, likely due in part to the disappointing sales of the game and Evolution’s closure in 2016.

For those unaware, Rustchynsky was also involved with the Motorstorm series. Fans have been curious about a return of that, too, but even that is unlikely. “Sony owns the IP & could resurrect it at any time, but I’m not aware of any projects underway,” he wrote. “I’d say chances are low, but I wouldn’t rule it out. So keep the hope!”

That’s probably not what you’d like to hear about your favorite title, but there is seemingly no reason for Sony to go back and touch-up DriveClub. If a marquee title like Bloodborne can’t even receive PS5 upgrades, what would be the incentive for this overlooked racer? That Gran Turismo 7 is also in the works pretty much confirms that Sony will be pushing players to a different type of drive club.

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